Trump for now you’re free
hammer down book print clang shut
Ass is gonna bleed




Jared Kushner ,son
nepotism wont help you
ass is gonna bleed.


That didn’t really work in my favor last time. You will forgive me if I just let Jesus put the Word in my mouth. I realize it is a simple-minded approach but you have left me with no other choices. And it doesn’t take a genius to create in you the desired effect I seek. Salvation is like a chess game. But I am a slow player so it would probably take me until the election to put you in checkmate. Because I want you to love me the Right Way.


Only to believers! Hahahahahahahaha


It won’t bother you if I parse this post for suspicious venting, will it?


Parse away.


I AM warning you. Jesus will not play your game. But you can play His. Were you bruised from birth? Is your life worth dying for? It is for Jesus. I AM here for you. Lord knows you will need Someone. I know I sure did.


You’re like one of those people who go through my neighborhood knocking on doors. Now you deliver a WARNING!


I AM so very sorry! You must be devastated ! I will try harder.


And, Will? Those people don’t deliver warnings. They deliver God’s Word in the form of a pamphlet along with a blessing. If you stop slamming doors like a spoiled child, you would know that you know that.


You are not going to “save” me. Leave it alone.


I’m sorry. I don’t mean to push you. There are other extremely serious issues taking place so I’ll give you some space.


The Bible teaches us that faith is a gift from God. I haven’t received this gift. I have no faith, myself.


The Bible teaches that everyone is born with a measure of faith. It is probably just very small like a mustard seed and hidden in an inconspicuous place like the deep thinking area of your mind. It’s not that you don’t have it, It’s that you don’t use it.
Grace is the gift you have not received and undoubtedly never will because, like directions, you have to ask for it.


I AM touched by your resistance, Will. Do it again!


Looks like she still believes in Santa.


It’s marginal!


Someone sent this to me last night. I don’t know how to tell if it’s real or fake.