Trump is (possibly) going to block the spending bill over the wall. I love this. There is nothing Americans hate more than a government shutdown and with Republicans and Democrats both agreeing to extend spending, the only one to blame is Trump.


He also has control of everything right now, lol. Interesting that he has had over 700 days to get his wall. Not a big deal until now.


I think he’s clueing in to the fact that he’s failed on everything and wants to make a big fuss now.


Looks like Putin is withdrawing usa troops from Syria.


Mattis just resigned saying Trump should find a successor whose views align more with his own. Perhaps he might search the local daycare centers.

The stock market in Trump’s first full year is on track to record its worst annual showing since, you know it, before Obama was sworn in.


Trump said he beat ISIS, so he has that going for him. Maybe ISIS can fund the wall. He only has like 1 day to get them to pay for it. I guess he is going on vacation in Florida for 3 weeks. He might as well. He gets nothing done. I figured everyone in Congress was off until January 3rd. He must be back January 7th.


You have the best ideas. ISIS is going to pay for the wall and the Martians are going to pay for the Space Force.


Trump doesn’t have the luxury of not having rate hikes for 5 years as, you know it, Obama did.


Michele, I wish you would occasionally actually check the (almost always incorrect) “facts” that you get from whatever right wing nut job sites you frequent. Obama took power in an emergency tailspin (caused by Republicans, as usual) where the Fed cut rates in a desperate attempt to stop the country from crashing. By any rational measure, Obama cut rates from the then-norm of 2.5% to 1%.

The simple fact is that Trump has been boasting about how great the stock market is doing under his government and the equally simple truth is it was the worst year since before Obama took power.


Thank you for the recap, Reg! I would remind you that it is not Obama who cuts rates, unless you take into consideration that those who do control rates are Left-wing Liberal Globalist.


“I know words. I have the best words.” - Trump


He likes to use 3 syllable adjectives so his followers think he is smart. He also emphasizes 2 word sentences. “Border security.” His followers have a similar attention span to his. 2 word sentences work well.


That would be intimidating to me if I could stop reading it like a severe case of terror in the heartland.


Btw, I am dumb as a…Rock! Keep talking!


Keep talking!
3 syllables in 1 complete sentence.
Genesis 1:1-3
While not incredibly ambiguous, unequivocally the Truth.

Do you own a Bible, Will? No, I’m serious! Close your dictionary and open your Bible. I AM in need of assistance with the big words.


I really think you’re overthinking this. Trump uses 2 word sentences because that’s all he can come up with. This style happens to resonate with his base but it’s not something he thinks through, or he’d be able to come up with longer and more coherent sentences when pressed. He can’t. << 2 words right there.

And Michele…

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

…is one of the most ambiguous sentences in the Bible.


This didn’t make any news but it’s big.


Close your Bible and open your dictionary.


Haiku by trump

Border security
Fuck the U S government
Border security


Looks like he got his syllables wrong.