I’d also note that the focus of Trump’s ire lately, namely dairy trade between Canada and the US, is totally one sided in favour of the US. We buy five times the amount of dairy from them that they buy from us. If he wants a dairy trade war, we win bigly before it even begins. Let’s ban dairy trade entirely between the two nations. Canada immediately profits by $400 million (and the US obviously loses that amount immediately).


He was listed in Forbes 100 Greatest Business Minds. I’d like to shake his hand.


Japan PM Abe: ‘I highly praise’ Trump for Singapore summit with Kim.


So liberals don’t want to us to stop military exercises? Is it war you want?


I’ve scheduled this tweet for the morning.


“So liberals don’t want to us to stop military exercises? Is it war you want?” AgeofGrace

No, it’s readiness.


That’s a strange thing to say since under the Obama administration, our military was depleted.


According to Paul Ryan, Canadian dairy producers are dumping low-cost products on the market to compete with Wisconsin farms.


Well, I’m happy to agree with Trump that Paul Ryan is a dumbass. Unfortunately, Trump is an even bigger dumbass. Given this incredible dumbassery, we now have 25% tariffs on steel and 10% tariffs on aluminum, all because Canada taxes milk at over 200%.

Do note, the US taxes Canadian goods at high levels when it wants to protect a small industry, too. You tax leather goods at 90%, footwear at 95% and knitted fabric at 80%. This has always been considered acceptable as long as the overall trading picture is fair.

The simple common sense test is this: if Canada was subsidizing and dumping our dairy, and over-taxing your dairy, how in the hell is it that you sell well over 5 times as much to us as we sell to you? You have a huge trade surplus with Canada on dairy. I’m totally fine with this trade war. We win before it even begins.

I also repeat something I’ve said (and linked) before: our tariffs on US goods are half what US tariffs on Canadian goods are. Half. The current man-child running your government doesn’t understand that, and he’s aiming the US economy down a dead-end path.


I just hate this negative overtone when it comes to talking about our king.
We should appreciate to have such a noble king.
Of course the main-stream press will be all Negative Nancy on him. We are educated and shouldn’t fall for that though.


From NPR

"Defense officials don’t dispute that the military costs a lot — but, they argue, taxpayers get a lot for what they buy. Defense Secretary Ash Carter and other leaders have tried to shy away from responding to comments by Trump and other candidates, but occasionally they get pulled in.

That was the case earlier this year when Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked about whether the U.S. military had, in fact, been “gutted.” No, he argued. If it’s smaller than it could be, it’s still very powerful.

“At no time in my career have I been more confident than this instant in saying we have the most powerful military on the face of the planet,” Selva said. “Do we have challenges? Of course we do. When you are faced with a global set of threats, you have to make choices on where you focus your energy.”

One big area of risk, Selva and other Pentagon leaders say, is something that doesn’t get much attention in the political arena — “readiness”:

-how often soldiers can take target practice;
-how often pilots at home can fly training missions;
-how many days a Navy ship can sail to train before it deploys

Carter, Selva and the chiefs of the military services say this “readiness” is not where they want it, in case there is a major crisis.

But many units are very well-prepared, Selva said, and the bottom line is that the U.S. military remains the most powerful on Earth."



That’s right, Reg! It’s the Art of the Deal. Something Obama knew nothing about. The only thing Obama did was reduce our military while apologizing to the world and buying fake friends with pallets full of cash.


It’s the art of the con, Michele, and you’re one of the millions being conned.


Never underestimate “da bling-bling”, Reg.

Obama talked about change,
Trump fulfilled change.

Obama talked about meeting with Kim,
Trump actually met with Kim.

Get it?

If you talk about some new invention, everybody will criticize it.
If you bring along the blinking and noise-making device, everybody will want to have one.
“no shit, this thing bling-blinks” “it is making fart sounds, too” “where can I buy one, heck, buy ten!”

This world doesn’t need talkers and zeros,
but instead doers and heros!

Just think about what would have happened if old Adolf won the war…everybody would have kissed his butt and one testicle.


No, I don’t get it. Obama talked about change and created the first system where all Americans got health care, signed the largest nuclear reduction deal in history with the Russians, presided on 8 years of unprecedented economic growth after having taken charge with the US in freefall under Bush, got America out of its middle eastern wars, took a balanced tone on Israel, and restarted stem cell research. He made a peace deal with Iran and normalized relations with Cuba.

Trump talked about building a wall, dismantling Obamacare, ban Muslims, bringing manufacturing jobs back, leaving social security alone and defeating ISIS. There is no wall, Obamacare still exists exactly as it did before, Muslims are not banned, manufacturing jobs haven’t returned, social security has been gutted to pay for his ridiculous tax cuts, and ISIS was defeated by the Russians and Syrians, not by the US.

Trump met with Kim and got owned. Kim got Trump to agree to stop military exercises and Trump got Kim to…um…nothing.

The guy is a loser through and through but a lot of people can’t see past the bling.


I think you got tested last election as a prophet Reg. What you are doing is akin to Harold Camping. Where did this is all occur to make it true for your dreaming mind? The Planet of the Apes?


Now you sound like myself at the time they introduced all the fancy smart-phone stuff.
People want Trump’s bold show

not communism.


This is not Donald Trump, but I know you cannot see him any other way. Why does this have to the President of the United States for you?


Too many Israel nuts in Murricah

They are using aborted fetusses!!! Horrible!!! Trump! Trump! Trump!

so what? Trump is doing even better with unemployment at an all-time low and jobs soon to be flooding in due to his politics of protectionism.