True, Trump being the biggest Israel sycophant of them all. His bosses including Adelson make sure of that.

Trump hasn’t stopped it.

Talk when that happens. Most of us doubt it will.


There is an ape talking in english.

Naahhh, Trump is way more bold, more glorious, more pompous than this fictional creature. He is “the Donald”, our noble king.


Well, some good news to wake up to!


Our new king doesn’t need all this fancy “federal law”-hokus pokus.
He can rule pretty well without all that nuisance.
And CNN is still fake news :wink:


I think he agrees with you on that.


Unfortunately for the King, it might be state law that takes him down.


Like many of you, I have been watching politics a lot since Trump took office. Along the way, almost constantly, I have seen greed, graft and treason; lying, bluff and bluster. We have all learned a bit about the law and our constitution. A good thing. But all along has been the wrenching in my gut that I have had to abide.

I am a simple fellow. Sometimes when things become almost overwhelming I have to paint a picture in my mind to help me cope. Here is how I see it all.

I picture Donald Trump as a pimple on his own ass. As his presidency continues, and the depravity of his actions unfold, the pimple gets bigger. Enter Bob Mueller and the pimple becomes a boil. As the investigation starts to wind up and the truth starts to out, the boil begins to swell. Of course as the boil swells the skin of the boil becomes thinner and this disgusting thing forms a white head. Bigger it grows. Thinner it grows. Now. As the investigation begins to wrap up, the boil (the “First Boil” I suppose) begins to descend down the Presidential ass. Lower and lower until it it’s next move is directly where he sits.

I pray that Trump is interviewed under oath. Let him stand and swear to God to tell the truth. By the time his ass hits the chair . …


Manaforts new home.


And hopefully Trump’s soon.


Yep. Still waiting for the mugshot. At last, one of the trump mob where they all belong.


Yes but it’s unsatisfying. i want someone named Trump to go to jail.


Here is a list of the 10 prisoners released during the Obama administration. Unlike President Trump, Obama had no real influence upon their release and it is disappointing that you try and credit him for that work just because it was during his years in the White House. Donald Trump deserves to be acknowledged for his work in negotiating the release of those 3 prisoners because he actually made it happen. President Trump should be acknowledged for successfully negotiated the 2026 World Cup too. Obama pushed hard to host the World Cup but ultimately failed to win the bid. President Trump should also get credit for a growing economy because The Federal Bank of Atlanta increased its 2nd quarter GDP growth forecast to 4.8%. More than double the average quarterly growth under Obama.


May your own words be vomited upon you.


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Gee . .I . . I feel like I must have offended you.


Me, too!! I have been liking every single Twitter posting Trump did (apart from the Iran crap). I am a good foot soldier when the king is all right.
Wow. That is almost to be considered as democratic engagement. I am soooo a democratic activist! …because I cannot do more from overseas.


What a disgusting language you are applying to our noble king. Comparing our king to a pimple. Ugh. Disgusting.
Shame on you. If I ever see a royal messenger on his horse, I might mention the unfittingly obscene and overall filthy language applied to our royalty.


If I was king Donald, I’d exclude You from the Knights of the Round Table emmidiately


From Newsweek:

Historian and writer Christopher Stroop, 37, and an instructor at University of South Florida, was raised in a fundamentalist Christian community. He has spearheaded a number of social media hashtags, including #EmptyThePews and #RaptureAnxiety, to provide an online platform for ex-evangelicals to share experiences on everything from being forced to go on “mission trips” to evangelize indigenous peoples, to having to deal with what they call “rapture anxiety”—the belief, drummed into them from a young age, that God will swoop down at any moment and take all the good people away to heaven, leaving nonbelievers to die in the horrible, Biblically predicted Apocalypse.


If you do ever see one you should check yourself into a mental health clinic immediately.