You are right! And not near enough investigations into HRC dating back to Arkansas. But then, when you have the FBI in your pocket, you can scam Americans out of their hard earned tax dollars under the guise of restoring Haiti after an earthquake and rack up a nice collection of bodies or maybe even dabble in child trafficking and Liberals will continue to support you because it would be easier to trade truth for a lie than to humble oneself and confess Truth.


No, God didn’t. I didn’t vote for him in the primaries because I thought he was the most arrogant person on the face of the earth.

I would also add that I didn’t vote for Ted Cruz or Bush either. The majority of Oklahomans votes for Cruz in the primaries. But come Election Day, Oklahoma and West Virginia went all red for Trump because arrogance trumps murder, theft, lies collusion and 30 years of deception.


Every US president in my lifetime has been owned by Israel. The party doesn’t matter.

Trump is more owned by most, having given in to their ridiculous demand to move the US embassy into disputed territory against the interests of the US but in the interests of his bosses in Tel Aviv.

Ron Paul would not have been owned by Israel, a fact that many people feel ended any chance he ever had of becoming president.


Every president wasn’t Trump. You know as well as I do that there is a very significant difference in the way he deals with even our allies.

Ummm…Moving the embassy was a campaign promise.

If it was meant for Ron Paul to lead us into this thing that’s going to happen, he would be our president.


Of course. Trump was running out of money (he is nowhere near as rich as most think) and his Israeli donors demanded this of him. Being a good little goyim, he knew where his bread was buttered and he did as he was told.


Did God tell you that?


He didn’t need to. Maybe google the $83 million Sheldon Adelson gave to the campaign, and then google how the embassy move was Adelson’s pet project, and then google how Trump promised this move shortly after Adelson started writing big cheques.

True. Trump is more owned by Israel than any president I can remember.


Trump just made peace with Northern Korea’s Kim on the fly like other people do their morning routine.
What do you critics have to say now to our extraordinary, outstanding president?


I say, “good first step”. It’s not a deal. The only concrete pledge was a concession from the US. There’s vague talk of eventual denuclearization. Generally speaking, though, while not the breakthrough he will undoubtedly claim, it is a good move by Trump.


Trump bought a pig in a poke. He traded away joint military exercises with South Korea and Japan for a vague promise of denuclearization from a dictator with a history of reneging on promises. Trump refused to even broach the topic of the human rights abuses of North Korea, opting instead to shake hands and smile for the cameras. No doubt his sycophants are proud and happy. It will come to nothing.


Yeah, he is THE DONALD.
He is the man. All righty!
This man deserves Obama’s noble peace price.
Trump could close down Guantanamo in a glimpse of an eye.
Victory is always just a Twitter posting away.

Negative Nancy. He deserves 2 weeks celebration in the media and 2 noble peace prices for having the guts so far, if you ask me, let alone what he could do with olde Kim the rest of the time.

I do smell large amounts of jealousy here.
Now You are sounding like a social democrap Euroweenie. Human rights sounds sooo SJW.

Who is the king? King Donald!


Live footage from North Korea:
Kim hails the king!!! Our king!

Let us also sing and dance for a good king Trump.


I have no doubt that is what he would like to be.


Would You dance for our king, like when King Julien demands this of Maude, Maurice and the rest of the lemurs?


No. I have no doubt that you and Michelle would.


Opositional thinkers are destroyers.
I would most certainly do it. I am already dancing for the greatest world leader.

World peace - or world war - is just a Twit away.


Yes and the Twit is in the White House.


That’s just the kind of thinking King Twit loves.


The returns are starting to come in, and they’re not very positive for King Donald.


Merkel (correctly) points out that the US has a trade SURPLUS with Europe if you include services.