Is the caravan still a threat now that the election is over?


Answer or Dodge.




It really is difficult to put any amount of confidence in Senator Graham. His wishy-washy loyalty to the President and ultimately the entire Republican Party is unremarkable.

I have tried to tip-toe around this subject because everyone is so upset about it but in Trumps defense, because we lost the House, he is entitled to have, at the very least, an advocate in his Attorney General against Rosenstein, who technically should have recused himself since he signed off on the application for the surveillance warrant to spy on Trump.

No comment on Kemp at this point.

With our military carrying AR-15’s and installing razor wire at the border, should I? I actually feel sorry for them because they won’t get across and they will have walked long way for nothing.


The Justice Department is not Trumps personal police force and he has no more right to an advocate there than you or I.


This new guy has a fascinating position. He has written about it many times. I summarize it as this: anything Trump has done, no matter how bad, doesn’t count as long as it doesn’t have to do specifically with Russian collusion. I wonder how the right justifies this. Trump might have committed dozens of felonies, but if they don’t have to do with Russia, just leave him alone. Bill Clinton got a blowjob and they impeached him.


He has also stated that judges should have a “new testament” view of the law.



(CNN) - Matthew Whitaker, the acting US attorney general, was on the advisory board of a Florida company that was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission and served with a $26 million judgment earlier this year for what court documents called “a scam that has bilked thousands of consumers out of millions of dollars.”

Ah, this is another reason Trump likes him. Same business style.


Trump just said he doesn’t know Whitaker. lol.


And itsnt it amazing g how he has managed to make America great gain without an attorney general true to the sore side t


Feel free to do what it do best. You know I’m WiFi g for it.


Now that I think, Satan would have made a gREAT AG

Trump would have been in prison for his bullshit words while Clinton would still be sucking the last dollar you have through your dick.


What’s mating mail. Do t you want to shove tote bullshit down my throat nd make me like it.


Are you drunk already? The words you are typing make no sense.


If you guys hate Trump that much then dont lament on bbad about it but do something everbody would be able to understand: VOTE 4 LINDSTEDT instead!


10000 political nutsiwarlords GUN-HO

Shalom Shabat by the way


This is so incredible. I can’t say Republicans rewrite history because it’s clear they don’t know any of it. They just make it up as they go along to suit their fictional narrative. I’m sorry to tell you this, Michele, but Bill Clinton balanced the budget. He was the last President to do so. His Republican successor took that balanced budget and turned it into a 1.7 trillion dollar deficit. Obama then brought it back down under control, but Trump has now floated it into territory nobody has ever seen before, possibly 2 trillion. The idea that Democrats mishandle the economy is total fiction at odds with the facts, so it is unsurprising Republicans parrot it.

Instead I’ll wait for Mueller. He is the last hope. All the other ones have fizzled out.


Come on Reg. Being under Trump’s reign is still way better than being one of Daniels grandsons by becoming a castrated slave euneuch down in Babylon.
Way better. Admit it. WAY BETTER


Being under Trump’s reign is like living a Margaret Atwood novel. Republican economic policy is like “cut revenue and wait for the magic budget fairy to come balance the budget”. That this has never happened in the history of the universe doesn’t deter them. True believers. I really believe most Trump supporters believe in him more ardently than they believe in their Gods, especially since they’re able to just rewrite in their minds what their God says to suit their preferences but that’s harder with Trump since he actually exists.