Jsem rada se vas poznavam.
Love is in the air.
May God protect us and pastor Lindstedt and Trumpy, too. Ahhhhh feels good this shabat. Ahhhhhh


You have a new woman? Good. It is entirely unnatural for a man to not have a woman.


Every word you say provoked me to sender bn


What does that mean?



God help me if I provoked someone to the point of watching that.


God help you


When trump says he has never met Whitaker, he must mean he hasn’t met him since he gave him the job. Trump is in france, now. Probably a good time to leave for a bit.


And here I thought he was lying. Thanks for clearing that up.


How could you think that about our orange fuhrer?!


Temporary insanity. Everyone knows Trump doesn’t lie. He told us so recently so it must be true.

“In this journey, I will never lie to you. I will never tell you something I do not believe.” ~Donald J. Trump


Oooh things are gonna get nasty soon. Trump is in an absolute meltdown. He’s probably gone to watch sender bn.


I thought it was catchy. I was tapping my feet under the desk.


To each his own.




Shut yo both of hpy


U can’t ecplain myself to them stop it


I think we should have a “Wall of Famous BBAD Quotes”. You could start with this one.


Is this something like Esperanza?


Bowl of hpv?