Right. “The better to impeach you with, my dear.”


I confess! You are right!
You should admit you’re wrong.




Ah hahaha!


Trump’s face represnts the faces of a lot of Americans. I cared for one of those faces and feel better about our President.


Trumps face represents the resurrection of the Third Reich.


Quite right. The right wing willingly under the command of their fuhrer created it. And you know it.


We show through the best we can under the fabric of the single verse. Got coverage?


Trump is a nazi, true, but his face only makes me laugh.


At least you’re laughing.


Quite a challenge, big rewards and improvements are likely if accepted.


Balloons make me laugh too.



I hear ya, Dan! I just can’t decide if the problem is loopholes or lawyers.


Funny to hear Republicans talk about bipartisanship. Total BS. With McCain gone and Ryan leaving, their members will become more extreme. Democrats seem to be becoming more extreme too. More socialists it seems. You would think that would be a bad thing, but when the tea party did well years ago, moderates didn’t look bad to most. I would imagine that will happen to both parties. Not many moderate big names around.


Such a serious issue!
Since it’s your post, what’s the solution?
If we can’t have bipartisanship on climate, borders or Medicare what makes you even bother posting on such a complicated matter?

Thank you spellcheck!!


I thought Graham was supposed to be a moderate and here he is complaining about a suburban women problem.

What should be done about it? Probably nothing at this point. There is so much distance, I doubt anybody will give anything. Here is Obama on the inability to talk or give. And it’s gotten worse…


I agree! Because it would benefit women, I would support a required carry license to purchase a gun.



Looks like there were 340000 voters, Kemp claimed had moved and were not allowed to vote, but did not actually move. This could take a while.