The US is immune to sick marxism. That’s all. Gotta love Americans for this (aside from other things). They sure as hell are no fools.


I sure hope so.


Margaret Atwood already did.

Your country is the most divided it has ever been. I honestly doubt it can recover. CNN’s headlines did not create this division. I’m not sure what did. It is very real, though.


It just hit the fan. Trump fired Jeff Sessions.


That didn’t take long. I hope Mueller will dump his load now.


Right on Trump’s face, hopefully.


You didn’t even stop to celebrate. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
And somehow I actually believed your victory would unite the country but it is clear to me the Left cares nothing about unity. Your hatred for Trump outweighs your desire to bridge the divide between family and friends. I heard yesterday that the only agenda Pelosi has is Subpeona and impeach. That certainly will fill Trumps base with hope for the future.

So I guess this is round 2?!!!

Btw, in round two, President Trump is re-elected to the highest office in the land because his base supporters remembered the midterms.


Didn’t really seem like a big victory for Democrats or republicans. Democrats did win most of the races, however. In both senate and house. They just had so many incumbents running.

The two most troublesome things I saw were some people were motivated to vote because of kavanagh. Stupid reason. Just vote!!! Why a rapist being confirmed would energize someone is sick. The other is the Georgia governor race. Kemp should not have been allowed to run for governor as acting secretary in Georgia. Who knows how many votes she lost.

Nothing too exciting locally. New England always votes for Republican governors and federal Democrats.

I meant to say patriot act, Will. Not patriot right. There was a question should, new Hampshire be allowed to invade your privacy like the us can. They cannot according to the vote. A citizen can sue new Hampshire if they feel they are unjustly taxed. Ridiculous. We have no income or sales tax already.

In Massachusetts, they voted to not put a maximum number of patients per nurse, and transgender people are allowed to use public restrooms. Amazing, that needed to be voted on.

I could have probably gotten away voting in both states this year, but I didn’t want to get arrested. Lol. Sounds almost as bad as Brian Kemp.


I know. Talk about conflict of interest!

Thank God. I thought there was another bogus “patriot something or other” going on.




In Oklahoma, we expanded victims rights. :no_mouth:

It may not have been a great victory for either party but FWIW, President Trump did make history.

Between Trump, Obama and Clinton, Trump lost half as many seats in the House and won twice as many in the Senate. I’m surprised that little fact escaped your attention, Dan.


This is true but it also applies to the right. Nobody in your country wants unity. I am not even a part of your country and I don’t want unity. Neither do you, Michele. You just want people to come around to your way of thinking and you phrase it in terms like “seeing Trump’s other side”. This isn’t a criticism. Everyone is guilty. All I want is to see Trump in an orange jumpsuit.

I hope so. That is all I want of her.

We will see. Either that or he goes to prison or something in between.

It is worth voting on in my opinion. All bets are off with Trump in power. Best to codify rights in law even if you think it’s safe to take them for granted.

He gained 3. Let’s not overdo it.

Edited to add: 13 dead in a California shooting and nobody here, including me, cares enough to even mention it. I still don’t care as I type this. It is impossible to care significantly when it happens every week.


Reg, do you now somehow feel qualified to judge my heart? I haven’t spoken to my mother in months.
And while Trump distracted you and the entire Left-leaning world community for two beautiful years with his flawed speech, he has been making America great again, just as he promised. If you choose to turn a blind eye to the truth, that is certainly your prerogative and you can stay in this huffed up state. I absolutely do not care.
I may be naive because I expected, not just from you, but really, from the entire liberal community, to unite through this election but I saw when Sessions resigned, there would be no peace because you and I both know Mueller’s case may soon collapse. I do want unity but in reality I know that requires aligning yourself with things such as borders you do not believe in and that makes political unity impossible. It is all very heart-breaking to me because I love and miss my mother very much.



Our governor, in pretty much the same paragraph said he is down to work with anybody and 5 seconds later called Democrats, the other side. Yes. Bipartisan is a sham.

I work with a woman who doesn’t know who Mike pence is. I laughed to myself the rest of the day. Only because of how loudly she asked who he was in the cafeteria. I’m still kind of laughing about it. 3 days later.


Fuck Trump.




That’s a shame! Try to remember, your governor didn’t create the “other side.” He merely acknowledged there is another side.



You also appear to feel qualified to judge mine. That’s ok. We all do it. I will maintain my opinion about you not wanting unity, aside from wanting the other side to just admit they’re wrong and agree with you, which is unity of sorts but is not realistic.



Same difference. Difficult to be bipartisan when you refer to Democrats or Republicans as the other side.


I liked the woman running against him. More than anyone else, I voted for. I would also take 4 federal Democrats and a Republican governor than 75% federal Democrats and a democratic governor. So even though she was my favorite, I’ll take the reps over her