Oh, anniversary of what?


Oh Lord! That was on a meme and I didn’t go check it until after I posted this. Obviously, I learned the war ended in April.

42 anniversary of the Vietnam War!


Oh. I was going to flowers to Smokesmore. Thanks, I guess.


Still searching the map?


Lol. No I gave up and went to smokesmore.


I see even Fox News dumped Trump’s last lie-filled ad. Tomorrow’s the big day. Good luck, America.


I voted. All blue. I’m not that optimistic. We shall see. We had no senate vote. House rep of course and governor. And a bunch of state stuff.

2 ballot questions in nh.

Short translation. Question 1 was kind of like should you be allowed to sue nh if you don’t like how you are taxed. I voted no. Question 2 had to do with patriot rights regarding nh…I voted yes on 2.


What the hell are “patriot rights”?


Looking bad in the Senate. The House is looking possible.


One thing is clear, though: there’s no blue wave. The US is screwed.


Correct. Like a recurring nightmare.


I am demoralized and dejected. If the last two years can’t knock some sense into the half of Americans that lean right, I honestly don’t think anything can.


you’re not alone. Time to post the Goebbels quote again to see if it looks more familiar now, but too fucking sick of this shit. Will have to wait until tomorrow. Disgusting. Fascism here we come.


It is not defeat. Democrats just took the house. It’s sure as hell no red wave either.

Mueller is our only hope, though. If his report is harsh enough, perhaps a few Republicans who haven’t totally sold their souls to the devil may do what’s right.


Trump just called Pelosi to congratulate her. That pleases me.


This is really good news. It’s exactly the way I wanted it to work out. Before the next two years are over you may see Trump in a whole new light. If this unites the country, Trump will go down in history as the greatest president the USA has ever had.
You should write a book about these last 2 years, Reg.

Congratulations! I’m happy for the Left!


“A Democratic Congress will work for solutions that bring us together because we have all had enough of division,” said Nancy Pelosi

I agree!


I know this may seem like I’m just searching for something to complain about but of all the ways to headline the midterms, CNN chooses to “divide” Congress.


Everything forward from this point of your lives will have to do with the concept of “cancer”. I suggest you buy a patriot crab and find a matching horoscope from an old starscroll machine. Or pull the plug…on the drain.


Why? Trump protects his country from Hondurans ganging up at the border and even the left-leaning mass-media over here seems to finally has gotten it right: he creates job for Americans. I had been astouned to read such a news on MSM over here.