She hates Republicans.


Does your mother follow politics?


Very closely, but she is so hard-core liberal that there’s no talking to her if you’re going to say anything bad about liberals, which usually (but not always) suits me.


Wow! They would make great buddies. They could lie to each other till Rapture and be none the wiser.


Stop crying! I’m sure your mother is not a devil.


Or cry about it! I don’t care! (That’s your problem) Yes, I know!


She is not a devil, nor is she a saint. She is a very flawed person, just as we all are. She’s very religious but she bends with the times. She’s gone from “homosexuals should be put in prison” a few decades ago to “let them marry, it hurts nobody” today at almost 90.


Oh! She had you late in life. Do you have siblings?


One sister. My mother lives in my sister’s guest suite.




I have a question.


Trump is about to put tariffs on the remaining 257 billion in Chinese imports. If China doesn’t break, what is the next step?



The next step? Declare victory and blame democrats of course.


The UK’s introducing a new “digital” tax in 2020 targeting big tech companies (i.e. Alphabet and Facebook). It’ll be the first developed economy to implement this type of tax.

Welcome to globalization. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s it? Everything goes up in price and we declare victory?


Let me try to answer you as seriously as I can.

Trump has no plan other than to play to his base here. He knows that manufacturing won’t come back to the US and he knows he will have to lie about that and he knows that his base is stupid and will believe his lies so he doesn’t care about any of that.

What he might be doing is using this as a tax. He can probably raise several hundred billion over the next ten years with these tariffs which will help offset his tax cut for the rich. Remember, tariffs are a tax on Americans, not Canadians or Chinese or Mexicans or Europeans. US companies pay these tariffs, along with US consumers, and this could just be his plan to try to pay for the absurd tax cuts with this absurd new tax on Americans.

The UK’s taxes are the opposite of Globalization. Globalization is when countries are stopped from implementing silly rules by multinational trade deals and rules. The UK going off on its own is what you have when there is NO globalization.

And yes (I’m typing as I read your responses), everything in the US will go up in price and your companies will be less competitive. For instance, I had a data center. I would buy motherboards and processors from China or Malaysia where they were made, even though they said “Intel” on them. Those motherboards and processors would cost me more than they would cost a US company because our tariffs were higher. Today a Canadian data center can buy them cheaper than a US center and can drop prices so low that US companies will find it cheaper to buy their data center services from Canada than from down the street. This will happen because of Trump’s tariffs, not on Canada but on China.

tl;dr: you’re screwed.


Nice read but you killed it at stupid. Have a nice day, Prick!


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