I understand the need for T.I. to energize Obama supporters considering all things.

She should sue for defamation, declaring to the world that this Liberal is absolutely repulsive to her.



Say what you want, Melania has never looked as happy with her sugar daddy as she did with Obama. I have no sympathy. She chose the role of concubine. Let her wear it.



I feel bad for her for being first lady. Not mrs trump.


I’m sorry! I’m just starting to think you are imaginating things. This is the First Lady of the United Stated and you should be more respectful. At the very least, don’t let your mind race toward her destruction.
Also, Trump is not her sugar daddy. He is her husband. Know the difference, Bill.
And obviously, they have shared a laugh…or 2 but you shouldn’t look at the smile on her face and reward Obama with an “Atta Boy” when Trump is probably on stage with one hand in his pocket, holding her butterfly remote.

Have another nice day, Stud!


More like holding his mushroom.


Why? From what I can see, she is a concubine and a prostitute. You be respectful if you want.

I don’t seek her destruction at all. I quite like honest prostitutes. Seriously. And she appears to be an honest prostitute.

This is laughable. She doesn’t even care if he screws other women. She is a successful concubine in that she got him to marry her, but he is still her husband in name only.



PS: Her being a prostitute makes him a john. Just wanted to be clear on that.


The only question left is how much was she paid to sit next to that criminal for an hour.


Sitting next to her husband? Many millions no doubt, although it was probably more than an hour in total.


Shouldn’t you be in bed?


He’s going to win this round, too. This is a stupid lawsuit. Forcefully denying her claims is not defamation.

As long as he loses the Mueller round, I’m content.


It was all for Left Wing Media to sell negative stories on Trump. No one expected it to sprout wings and fly. It’s sole purpose was to create a negative image of Trump in order to confirm that Trump was a real sick man with sick ideas about women, when in reality he was telling someone, in a personal conversation, what women will let men do, provided they have enough money. I’m sure he was speaking from experience but if he had not ran for president, women would not be coming out about the truth of sexual assault and what men do. Men like Weinstein would still be controlling women’s ability to excel in the workplace. And women would still be doubting their ability to run this world like an organized daycare for men. hahahahaha

Where is Mueller these days?


He’s waiting for the election to be over.


Yes, he was going to be ready by early September also.


He never said that. He never said anything at all about his timeline. Any talk about September was media speculation.


Trump does a very good job of that by himself.


Oh okay! I guess I just imagined it!


'Seems to happen to you a lot Mush-L.


One more week to the midterms. Fingers crossed.