You bought the book? lol

She’s getting rich off of her version of the truth. More power to her!


You know the whole thing is playing out on Twitter with all kinds of name calling.

The depressing thing here is that in a week or 3 this will be forgotten and some other horrifying scandal will take center stage. I bet you can’t wait.


It wasn’t long ago you typed on the old BBAD that you believed her. Enjoy your koolaid.


I believe she had sex with him. I don’t believe that goofy story about his dick.
And it’s orgasmic wine, Lover!


No, it isn’t out yet. Just an excerpt.


I do. Hahaha!




Haha! Another movement.


MIchelle you should change your avatar to a mushroom.


She already did.




Yeah, I was talking about the cartoon character. And I’m not changing anything yet.


More power to women!


Thank you, Mr President, for saying Jesus’ name out loud and your tireless work for our GREAT nation.


Only if you change yours to this:

Because you are the pussy in the room.

Reggie’s lil’ helper? Hahaha! Almost like marriage lol. It’s so cute. It does take away from your masculinity but I always try to keep in mind that you are a dick.



That one’s almost as big as yours!


They depict her striping in front of a smoking Obama and I bet some of you hypocrites approve of this vile message.


It just looks big to you, Tiny!


I’m sorry!