I didn’t mean to imply the two things were comparable. I’m just noting why I don’t care that Trump may be suffering some minor injustices.

Minor? You call $80 million a minor injustice? I might be able to wrap my mind around your mentality if that was the only “minor” injustice against him but it’s not. There are a minimum of 90 minor injustices against him. I don’t care if you hate him or not. No one deserves to be treated the way he has been treated for the last 8 years. Get over it.

He got away with a million crimes. So he’s being hit with a few he didn’t deserve. I don’t care at all. Karma’s a bitch and so is Donnie.

Michele, didn’t you enjoy my classy video?

I’ve never known you to share anything classy, Reg, but that would be a unique experience and I would watch if you ever do.

Nice. He’s also selling bibles for 60 bucks. I guess that’s ok but a trans day isn’t. Lol.


Are you going to buy a $60 Bible Michele?

For you, I would buy two.

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Buy many! Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Democrats are not as motivated as Republicans are but I think he deserves it.

Ah. Same link writer as the other post.

Do you always seek out grammatical errors when you read a truth you can’t accept?

There is no truth here, Michele. There are insane conspiracy theories on an anonymous Telegram channel. That you can’t tell the difference is a bit sad.

What is the truth then, Reg?

The truth is the world is a mess. Your country is hopelessly divided between extremes. So are most countries, including mine. There is war and genocide in the middle east. Russia is on the march and, without US help, Ukraine is about to be overrun. Moldova is probably next but nobody knows where Putin will stop. China is poised to totally dominate every aspect of manufacturing in the world, including cars, and they’ve got their eyes on Taiwan so they can dominate computer chips. They hate white people, too, although they won’t admit it. It will likely get ugly when they dominate the world economy. Even that won’t matter much as AI and robotics are taking over every aspect of human life and are rendering people obsolete.

Your fat orange God can’t save you, Michele. Neither can your sky fairy God. God is dead.

Remind yourself that while you are in it, you are not of it.

Every aspect of American society is a captured operation and simultaneously in danger of spiritual judgment. You’re not telling me something I don’t know.

Always has been.

Who didn’t see that outcome.

The Bible offers hints.

They certainly deserve it and all with Biden’s unwavering assistance we will never thank him for.

Population control agenda.

The trial begins. I don’t care about any of the evidence. I just want the orange idiot to go down.

What evidence? Nobody can prove anything, Reg, but I look forward to watching them try.