She probably should have gone with jurassic 5. That Dre song is awful.

This made me chuckle.

EDIT: Alina Habba is the Trump lawyer that is co-sanctioned.

What a loser.

Trump and Scientology both abuse the legal system. Both are extremely dislikeable, devoid of content, and are in serious, irreversible decline.

He’s being cancelled. That’s different from being in decline.

Michele, nobody’s cancelling him. He filed a lawsuit, got it slapped down, got a million dollar sanction, and most importantly nobody cared at all. It’s not even major news. This is the first time since 2014 anyone could say that. He doesn’t even do rallies anymore because he can’t fill a hall. He sits at Mar-a-lago and watches TV and posts on Truth to his 10 followers there.

It’s more than just a lawsuit, Reg. Trump has had more than 50 lawsuits dismissed. No one wants him to run because they know he’s going to expose them for refusing to investigate themselves.

He has 1.7 million loyal followers.

Actually, those 50 suits were dismissed because they were stupid.

Judge says case is ‘completely frivolous’ factually and legally, calls Trump a ‘mastermind’ of abuse of judicial system.

See above.

See below.

They were about the election fraud that no court will even consider.

Gross. Who’s little child is he holding hands with?

Yes, that’s what I said. They were dismissed because they were stupid.

Up to 20 years.

That’s more punishment, than Baldwin is looking at, for a lesser crime. Obviously, the system is working exactly as it was created to work.

I don’t think it’s a lesser crime. Baldwin is charged with involuntary manslaughter. I realize you don’t agree with that charge, but that’s his charge. There’s no intent or premeditation with involuntary manslaughter. Nobody can say this clown’s actions weren’t intended or premeditated.

Wow. Trump is crushing DeSantis. Interesting, because he is doing nothing publicly. He’s not even recording a video. He’s only doing audio. Possibly, because he looks so awful. I wonder if that will hurt him eventually.

Several smart people have said recently that DeSantis isn’t even a serious challenger. Trump is almost certain to be the Republican candidate. If that’s true, I shudder, because Biden is weak. He has no personality, no energy, and no memory. He’s getting older and he’s declining fast. Kamala Harris would lose. This could be a disaster.

Betcha they pick Gavin Newsome

I generally like Gavin. I don’t think being from California helps him nationslly. Although, he has gotten a lot done lately. He is a hypocrite on covid masking. That was a while ago, though.

I think trump is more incompetent than DeSantis. I’d rather trump was the nominee.

Sure, Reg. I get what you’re saying and that is true but it was just his feet. His crime is propping his feet on her petrified desk.

He’s been mocked, investigated, charged and impeached, twice. I doubt anything at this point will hurt him.

Just think, two short years ago Biden secured 84 million votes on those same qualities.

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Did you like Trump referring to Elaine Chao as Coco Chao?

McConnell is such a wuss. I couldn’t imagine doing nothing.