Michele, I’m not going to go playing silly games. Message me your email, either here or on FB, and I’ll send the $20 promptly. I will even pay the PayPal fees.


I expect you to pay the fees!


On FB?


Because that wasn’t our agreement.




I do not seek to renegotiate this bet.


So I am releasing you of your debt. Go buy yourself a beer.


I do not seek release. If you ever decide do do what you said you would do, I am prepared to do what I said I’d do. No time limit.

I won’t hold my breath. Actually doing what you said you’d do isn’t generally the Republican way. :slight_smile:


I know! It’s a Democrat way! I was born and raised a Democrat. :grimacing:


Stop grinning. I’m trying to overcome my wicked ways.


And it is your choice to retain the debt. It’s your choice to ignore sound advice also. :no_mouth: Gl with that!


Speaking of The Handmaids Tale -

Each time I watch another episode of this show and read your reply you grow more loathsome and your stench more putrid.


Meaning she has democrat mail order ballot. You know the differences in ballots, especially in primaries right? You might start looking for a registered republican as well.


Shameless and scandalous.


This is for Michelle


I don’t watch that show and I’m not a big Atwood fan, but you are right: this is exactly where the RWNJs are taking your country. It is staggering to me that any woman could want this, but we have the evidence in front of our eyes that white women voted strongly for Trump over Clinton, and most do not regret their choice. Black and hispanic women voted overwhelmingly for Clinton but it wasn’t enough. I am still hopeful that this can be turned around but I won’t be surprised if Atwood’s dystopian world becomes prophetic.


You’re acting like a bunch of drama queens.


You’re sulking why?


Because they may reverse some law


That’s not The Handmaids Tale.