Considering the nature and brutality of his ordeal…


You can make a donation to crime prevention



I am bothered by this.

And especially this!




Is this what you want?


I’m not sure it’s what I want but it may be what we need.


You disgust me.


What’s new!


Just got home. You won fair and square. Message me your PayPal email, Michele. I’ll take care of it promptly.


You blocked me 3 months ago. But I don’t want your money. I gave you an address.


Don’t be strange, Michele. The terms of the bet were exact and I’m willing and able to honour them.


Just testing. That’s sherrifs.


I can tell!


So I’ve been thinking about your inability to honor the email embedded in the webpage I posted and I’ve decided to donate to it myself.


Looks like trump has changed his mind about climate change for at least the second time. He now thinks it is real, however thinks it is too late to do anything about it. He thought it was real when he owned the golf course. He thought it was fake when elected. Now he thinks it’s real again. He might actually be right about it for the first time. Maybe we are too late. We could at least try to do better, though.




Inability? No. Unwillingness, yes. We had a clear agreement including detailing the exact method of payment and I am not interested in changing it. Your behaviour here explains a bit why you like Trump. He also doesn’t feel his words matter, or that his agreements matter, and that it’s fine to try to renegotiate a deal after it has been made.


Lol renegotiate? I have done no such thing. The email address is on there. You just can’t see it.


The fact that you aren’t willing to honor a page that accepts PayPal makes me question why?