While the White House declares we are in a booming economy, Trump aides throw Trump under the bus saying he’s detached from reality.

Only a person who believes AI experiences emotion would trade the truth for a lie and believe we are also experiencing a booming economy.


Either that or he really is detached from reality, there was no voter fraud, and he lost fair and square.

Remember, it’s not just his aides, it’s his daughter Ivanka. She bailed on this stupidity, too.

If you were a truthful person you would admit that it was a well organized group effort with Clinton leading those dingdongs by example, you know, like, with a cloth.

That was a poor choice of words and the media is twisting it to be something it’s not but I’m sure there are a lot of superior Democrats who agree.
I think she’s an amazing person and she adores her father.

How can a woman work so hard to make her body look amazing but ignore her mind. There is something wrong in her mind.

This post above looks silly but the video is good.

There’s nothing wrong with her at all. Pleasant, attractive woman.

…until she opens her mouth.

This woman is lying too, right Michele?

Yes, she is. She’s a grifter who hasn’t held a job since she worked for Meadows.