I never supported the patriot act. I voted for kucinich in 2008.

i suupppoooorrrrrtttttt all the detecting the numbers will allow

Kucinich wasn’t in the 2008 election.

How could you support such garbage.

He ran in the primary. By the time I voted he had dropped out, but i wrote him in, in the primary. At that time, i didn’t know obama was going to blow everyone away. Clinton and McCain. Nobody did.

Are you excited about Stacy Abrams running for governor? I think it will be more difficult for Kemp to steal it this time.

nickie seems confused

Yes, I am. :relaxed:

confusion creeps

I know this is politically incorrect but she is fat and unattractive and will never move a large number of voters in the USA due to her appearance. This may be unfair but it is reality. I’m not sure it’s good for the Democratic Party for her to exist on the national stage.

I don’t find her ugly. She is fat. There’s no denying that. I think Brian Kemp is ugly. He’s old and sounds like a moron.

Don’t act like it bothers you. You’ve been incorrect before.

Indeed, politically and otherwise. Do you think a woman that fat would be good for the Democratic Party, Michele?

It’s obvious she’s been eating garbage for several years but it’s not her looks that makes her ugly. There is something wrong with her heart. It’s dark.
She’s been accused of using her office as a drop off point to illegally traffic ballots. I find her deceptive behavior repulsive.

I think a woman that deceptive isn’t good for anything.

He is truly the most brazen fraud.
Throwing himself upon the mercy of the court with garbage about losing his precious reputation, as if it was, in his own twisted mind, impeccable before, while simultaneously painting himself a potential hero for his bravery in an attempt to destroy the life and reputation of a sitting president of the US of A.
I find him arrogant and self-serving. Five years isn’t long enough in my opinion but I do hope he finds solace in boring soap operas. He obviously needs to cling to something close to normal while he’s incarcerated but I don’t think he can or will be rehabilitated.

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It’s impossible to have accountability when the Obama-appointed judge, who is married to an attorney for Lisa Page, bars email evidence and the jury has 3 Clinton donors, an AOC donor and a woman whose daughter is on the same sports team as Sussman’s daughter. Our justice system is dead.

Bad week for trump.

Trump is not in prison. He is also the front-runner to be president in 2024. We lost. He won.

I can only hope he dies now.

I’m surprised they’d want him back since he can only do 1 more term.

Massachusetts attorney general Maura Healey is running for governor and she is going to win. I think she’ll run for president in 2028.