Yeah, really off!


I’m driving and I can’t keep pulling over lol


When I get home, Dan, I’ll talk to you about Obama again.


You don’t like Sharpton? Ok, no problem. How about police chiefs across the country?


You’re a bully!


No thanks.


No stomach for the truth? Tough!


Maybe but I’m pretty sure I’ve lost our bet. We’ll know in the morning.


It’s morning and you are right, we know!


Turn it up and enjoy! It’s all on Reg!!!
:joy::heavy_heart_exclamation::face_with_raised_eyebrow: :point_left:t2: :joy::joy::joy:


Gee, what was the bet? That nobody would notice you obviously trying to buy suffrage in a U.S. election of any sort? Gee making online bets to paypal accounts so blatant would not be the actual issue. You look like a damn false guru and she actually believes she can give her next angina episode away like her ballot.

Ask Daniel about any ulcers. Ask Dan about any commotio. What are you two doing that isn’t working?


This is the top story on CNN. Not Fox. CNN. I hope to God Americans can turn this around or their country is doomed.



You elect police chiefs in local elections. But I assume you already know that.


That is extremely surprising to me and really, a very positive article. An article I have been waiting a very long time to read so you know I am thankful for it.
But it’s only one persons opinion and tomorrow everything will be back to the new norm again. Hating all things Trump will be the most entertaining past time and so I’m not going to dump all my faith into an article laced with false hope. But thanks for posting. I didn’t think my day could get any brighter. :sunglasses:


What are you talking about, Mark?


Elaborate, Mark or stop crying because you’re starting to sound like a girl with angina.




Can you say…




Justice Kavanaugh!