I think you’re going to win our bet on Saturday, Michele. I’ll bet again on the Republicans losing the House (but not the Senate) if you’re interested in November.


Why not the Senate? Has some Republican gone and done another Republican thing with those 2 Senate seats? Hahahaha!


Democrats dominated in 2012 because it was an election year and Obama won. So, it is 6 years later and the senators up for reelection are mostly Democrats. 70% I believe. The opposite will happen in 2020. Republicans won most senate seats in 2014 (not an election) year. If 2020 brings a democratic president in, that would be 2012 all over again. The Democrats need to win about 75% of the Senate races to take over the senate. The house is always unstable. I’d expect that to swing left. So not counting executive orders, starting in January, not much should get accomplished for 2 years.


There’s only one problem with your theory, Dan. This is nothing even remotely close to the “normal” 2012 election year. This is a movement and people are departing (#walkaway) from the Democratic Party at an impressive speed.



The glass is half full :smirk:


Finally, a fun fun day coming! :upside_down_face: I think I’ll go be nice to me today. :nail_care:t2:





republicans usually win seats in a non-election year. This is because most people vote democrat, however republicans are better at actually voting. One of the reasons, democrats always want more people to vote. So if the republicans lose the house in a non election year, I don’t see how you can call that a victory. If Trump wins in 2020, yes, republicans will do decent in the senate races, which they will have to win at least 60% of to keep their majority. If a democrat wins the 2020 election, that will be a bad day for republicans.

We will see. Lot of time for things to change in 2 years. I’m not sure he can improve his 38% approval rate. It goes up and down 2 or 3 points all the time, but most people seem to have made up their mind about him. The question is will they still be angry in 2 years.

It still doesn’t seem like he wants to be president. I wonder if he wants to win in 2020. He certainly has started campaigning for it. I’m also surprised republicans would want him. I still can’t tell if he is worse than Bush yet. He has not been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands like Bush was, but the country has not been this divided for over 150 years. For the USA, Trump has been worse. For the world, Bush was worse. He killed a ton of innocent people.


If the democrats are in so much trouble, why is Ted Cruz in trouble in Texas?


I know you think Cruz has competition but as I recall the polls showed Clinton winning also. I can’t even wrap my mind around a Democrat winning. That is practically an abomination in Texas as they like their Bibles, guns and the Law. None of which Democrats stand for.

You think Trump divided us but it was Obama that drove a wedge between us when he, being the ultimate example of authority and leading by example, turned on authority to cause a revolt within the black community against authority over feelings of mistreatment of black men by white officers causing Middle America to feel a strong need to stand up and defend our officers and every man that makes the ultimate mental sacrifice when they choose to take that risk to defend us and our great land.

I do understand the way this midterm election should go but as I told you before, there is nothing normal about the last 2 years. I would like to tell you that I believe you have a chance of flipping some house seats, but in my heart, I feel it’s going to be a complete annihilation.


The polls were correct. They said Clinton would win by 3% and she won by 2.8%. They are usually accurate.

What exactly about Obama having a problem with white officers beating the shit out of black men did you have a problem with? I’m just curious. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone having a problem with someone against police brutality.


Since when do we count the win by popular vote?
If it was accurate wouldn’t Clinton be President now?

Thank you, Joe Manchin!


Trayvon is where it started


You haven’t been paying attention, Dan.


But when those 5 officers in Dallas were killed, wherewas Obama?


Post your garbage about Trump, Reg. We elected Trump to restore Law and order and, Brother, he is going it.


Freddie Gray is an exception to these cases.


Al Sharpton? That’s the equivalent of Daniel’s Love for the Westbrook Church.