So I think we can all agree SOMETHING happened in 1982.


I believe we can all agree it was not rape.


We can all agree that most all women (in the USA)are groped and possibly pinned down at some point without any long term mental stress.


Christine Ford has had 20 years to fully recover from being pinned down and having her mouth covered for a moment.


It’s 2003


Kavanaugh was nominated to the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Court by then President George Bush.


She had no desire to stop this?


In 2006, the United States Committee on the Judiciary recommended confirmation. The Senate confirmed Kavanaugh.


Where was her need to stop him from advancing further at this point?


In 2012 she “remembered” something happened in 1982 yet she said nothing.


In 2016, Ford becomes a liberal activist and anti-Trump protester.


Considering all that has happened in the last 2 years and how much liberals detest Trump, it stands to reason she hates Trump with a passion and would be willing to “take one for the team” if she though for even a second it would delay the confirmation until after the midterms.


I watched her body language.


A woman who is truly traumatized will eventually succumb to the emotion of reliving the entire horrifying ordeal. Especially if she has to do this in front of the entire world.


After she finished her opening statement she was pretty a lot lot.


I have never revealed this before but I have some psychic powers. I have an image in my mind of you. Yes, it’s becoming more clear. I see a very fat ass . . wait . more is coming . .


And as you know by now, not only did she fly to Washington, it is now well known that she actually flies a lot lot.


Yawn* Hurry!


Alas, the sight of that has exhausted me. Goodnight.


Awesome! Good night!