Oh, well, you are probably right, since Politico knows his heart.


If you read my post VERY carefully you will see it quotes Politifact, not Politico.

Take your time reading.


Oh, there it is, the short Malay-Canadian attention-span kicking in. Yet again.
On the old bbad forum, I already mentioned that the German, “very alternative” political party “APPD” suggested to separate by faith/spirit rather than/ in addition to race/nationality. Already in the 80’s that is. They had been way ahead of their time.

And they called this revolutionary separatist idea
"the Balkanisierung" (taken from the split-up of Yugoslavia/the balkans) or alternatively “Pogo anarchism”, an early form of libertarianism, to explain it using the language of today.

Here are some excerps:

Balkanisiert in verschiedene Zonen, dann kann jeder artgerecht in seiner Zone wohnen

Germany will be split up into (at least 3) different zones, so everyone can live according to his beliefs/spirit.

It goes without saying that I universally support “Balkanisierung” worldwide.


Dear Lord! What difference “at this point” does it make? They are all in agreement. If POLITIFACT says he was wrong to deny a lie, he must be wrong, right?


I guess you have to read the Politifact article. It states that small t trump lied when he denied mocking the reporter. I guess you don’t have the energy to go to the source and read the article. Much like your rant about the USS Liberty before you had even read the story of it.


No, Will, I didn’t read the article because I don’t have time. If they have evidence, let’s get to the punchline because I’m busy all day. And feel free to enlighten me about Liberty.


I read the article you posted, Michele. To be frank, I consider it total nonsense and I’m amazed you see merit in it. The basic idea is this: Trump mocked other people the same way, so his mocking the disabled reporter isn’t so bad since he did it to others, too.

I do not believe any rational and intellectually honest person can look at the video of Trump (not of anyone’s interpretation of Trump) and conclude that he did not mock that disabled reporter. He obviously did.


If you don’t have time to read the article then why bother to post about something you know nothing about? Baffles me.


You wrote that you had (finally) read the story of the USS Liberty. I shouldn’t need to enlighten you any further. I am much too busy.


No, Reg! It isn’t that it’s not so bad since he did it to others. It’s that he expressed himself with animation in his arms but the media twisted it and made it mockery but they didn’t push it until they found a physically weaker vessel against Trump. It’s outrageous what the media is doing. Would a businessman get up in front of millions of people and openly mock a crippled man?
It’s like the salacious and unverified dossier and it’s contents about him being pee’d on. So gross. How can anyone in their right mind actually believe Donald Trump would do that. I don’t know any man that would do that.
It’s like the video. He said “If you have money, you can grab them …” The media ran with that one too. Just because he said you can if you have money doesn’t mean he did. But they twisted it and made the world believe he is a very sick, depraved man. This is the same man that believes in the Constitution of the United States. Who believes in standing for the National Anthem. Who prides himself on putting the love of his country and it’s people before anything else.


I realize there’s nothing I can say that will convince you, but I do feel the need to respond anyway.

He didn’t just shake his arms vigorously. He mocked his stuttering voice, doing a clear imitation of the man in question. Yes, a businessman would get up in front of millions of people and mock a crippled man. There’s video evidence of it.

I have no proof that Trump got peed on by Russian prostitutes but it is well known that some men enjoy this. One guy used to come to BBAD chat quite regularly for about a year and he would occasionally announce he had done that. Or had it done to him, as the case may be.

Regarding the video, here are some direct quotes, unedited:

Trump: I moved on her, actually. You know, she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it.

Trump: I did try and fuck her. She was married.


Come on, MSM has been mocking him all the time. Now he mocked a disabled, so what. Have you turned SJW?


AgeofGrace - “And feel free to enlighten me about Liberty.”

Oh boy, could I ever.


This is from the NSA website. Lots of declassified documents concerning the cowardly attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli torpedo boats and jets.


Today Trump called for a lifting of all tariffs between allies. I wonder honestly if he realizes what a fool he sounds like. HE IS THE ONE WHO STARTED THE TARIFFS!


…yeah that’s our Trump.
I just love this guy. He is one of us! Not one of them!
Everybody who doesn’t love Trump is a Bilderberger NWO elititst.


It’s our Twwummmppp!!! Kind of in charge of the whole world! An we are his fan and Twitter followers.

Love that Trump

Just look at the faggy look in Trudeau’s eyes. He was like going to a G7 party without knowing
might be there, too, stealing the show!

Will wear my Trump shirt today to honour our president.



I tweeted this earlier tonight.


Don’t be calling him the messiah (the “man-child”) though, please. This is a biblical term.
Do You really consider Trump to be the return of the messiah “the man-child” of Revelation?
Who managed to usher him in? Which group successfully produced the 144k male virgins???

giggle yeah, that parable with the toy throwing child in your twitter post is funny. But they bullied him and us for years now.
Serves them right.
And he is the one who dares to fight the globalists.
He didn’t fulfill the orders the other “kids” got at the Bilderberger conference just days before.
And I f’in love Trump for this. He stands up to treasonous elites…

Our president is T.R.U.M.P.