Time is moving at a snails pace towards the election and the celebration when trump is booted out of the whitehouse. Just can’t wait. It should become a national holiday.

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Two more weeks. I really, really hope he is criminally charged once he leaves office.

Me too.

I took the 3rd and 4th off but we won’t have a winner for a while unless it is a slaughter.

I’m looking forward to confirming 4 more years, maybe 8.


When trump loses (which he will) maybe you’ll go away too.

I think it’s funny when trump whines that he wasn’t allowed to do enough when he had the house and Senate lol.

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Run from that president wherever you are. Vaccines are dangerous. A violation of your body

I am a bit under tight stress these days, but your positive outlook soothes my aching heart

Sure blame Trump for sheebooning. And global warming. And Corona. And…
He can take it. Because Trump is compassionate and isnt hurt by your vile descriptions. He stands above us, he is our rightful leader and visionaire. Trump knows what he is doing and well aware of the situation. He has TOTAL SELF CONTROL and self confidence. SJWs wont be hurting our leader not one Scratch

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Trump cannot lose - he has everything it takes to win - a natural born winner

natural born lizard.

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I know you don’t think so. I also know how important the facts are to you so I’ll pretend you fact-checked your accusation and found it to be true. Since you didn’t, I’ll assume you are spreading gossip and lies.
One set of rules for Reg. Another set of rules for anyone debating Reg.

He’s not responsible for black female obesity but he is somewhat responsible for Global Warming (remember that Paris Climate Accord thing?) and Corona (well over 200,000 dead in the US and the fat pig won’t wear a mask – pity he didn’t die of it).

Wrong. I am not asserting the dossier to be fact. I said I believe the allegations in it. This is very different. Almost every allegation in the dossier aside from the prostitutes peeing has been verified, and the incontinent prostitutes haven’t been disproven, they just also haven’t been proven. Since verification is impossible, we are each free to believe what we choose, and neither side is free to assert their belief as fact.

Kirstey Alley (who has become as fat as Trump):




Putin has the tape.

This is why we can never see eye to eye. You seem to think you should be able to pass your opinion off as fact, even if it’s in your own mind. If I post something I’m expected to fact-check and prove my case.
One rule for Reg, another rule for anyone goes against the fabulous and indisputable opinion of Reg, The Great.

Putin should release it. Provided your statement is true (which I highly doubt since you lie a lot) the world needs to see what a disgusting pig Trump really is.

I’ll assume you aren’t posting The Hill article as fact since the statement below is not true.

“Clapper stressed that the dossier was never used as a source for the 2017 intelligence community assessment that stated the Russians interfered in the election for the purpose of damaging Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and aiding Trump.”

If it wasn’t used, how did the FBI obtain that FISA Warrant?