They already know.

That’s not really good enough. I need proof.

Can you hold a coin?

Clapper stressed that the dossier was never used as a source for the 2017 intelligence community assessment that stated the Russians interfered in the election for the purpose of damaging Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and aiding Trump.

You do this every time, you little chicken shit.

I assert my belief to be fact and yours to be stupid.

I assert Clapper to be stupid and in hot water up to his tits.

I know. I also know that you don’t see the difference between posting a lunatic conspiracy theory as fact and stating clearly that you believe something but can’t prove it. This is unfortunate.

I don’t know why, but I think I’ll beat my head against the wall a little more on this.

The matter at hand is what is fair and what is not fair in intelligent debate. Anything that includes the words “I believe” or “might be” or even “probably” (although probably is the least acceptable of these) is usually fair and doesn’t usually require a fact check even if it’s crazy and stupid. Anything that asserts things as fact without evidence is not fair. For example:

  • Saying you believe there are probably aliens even though you have never met one is fair. No fact check required. Saying there are definitely aliens and this is how they look and this is what they want is not fair unless you can prove it in a fact-checkable way.

  • Saying you believe Trump probably got peed on by Russian prostitutes is fair. No fact check required. Saying Trump definitely got peed on by Russian prostitutes and he really liked it and drank the piss is not fair unless you can prove it in a fact-checkable way, even though he probably did do that and liked it.

  • Saying you believe there might be more to Hillary’s involvement in the various accidental deaths and suicides that happened while she was in power is fair. No fact check required. Saying Hillary definitely had people killed to cover up her satanic pedophile ring and that’s why she killed Epstein and told everyone it was suicide is not fair unless you can prove it in a fact-checkable way.

  • Saying you believe Donald Trump is probably releasing tidbits of information through QAnon is stupid but fair. No fact check required. Saying Donald Trump is definitely waging a secret war against a satanic global pedophile ring remains stupid and crazy as all hell, but it’s also not fair unless you can prove it in a fact-checkable way.

  • Important: Posting links to any not fair opinions from websites as though they were fact is in turn not fair.

  • Super important: Saying that there’s no evidence because the global pedophile ring is good at covering up evidence is not only stupid and crazy, it is also not fair and makes you look like a lunatic.

  • Things can be fair while still being crazy and stupid. Things can’t be not fair while still being intelligent and credible.

I hope this was helpful.

sounds like an unfair explanation to me…

“Since verification is impossible, we are each free to believe what we choose,”

Yes, Michele, correct. You are free to believe what you choose with or without verification. If you assert that to be fact, you look like an idiot. Govern yourself however you see fit.

Lucky you. Looking like an idiot comes without sacrifice.

one end of the pipeline is connected to heaven. the other end is up her ass, such location being conveniently near her head. the lack of evidence for the deep state is further proof it exists. quod erat delusioium.


This is going to get ugly when the new token Trumpet gets confirmed.

trump will only give ageofgrace free health care for her pre-existing nose if she swallows. his line of bullshit or his semen. jesus said it. i only retweeted it.

Americans aren’t all insane.

I’m sorry, Reg. my reply was rude and unacceptable.

There’s no need to apologize, Michele. I’m not exactly polite here myself. Accepted, however.

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Do you think he will forgive me? I don’t know, I was hard on him. Usually, I’m more patient than this, bill.