I think a lot of the letters have been taken out. Funny he takes credit for this when it is taxpayer dollars that funded it. So he didn’t really contribute at all. Also, funny that it is socialism. Also funny that it will piss off people that didn’t get free meals. Also, possibly illegal to use taxpayer dollars to fund a campaign. He already did this with the senior prescription drug card. Another form of socialism, lol.

Shameless huckster.

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He’s giving us back what we paid in. How is that not contributing? But you may be right, Dan. That was taxpayer funds and it should have been spent more wisely the way it was in the previous administration, sparingly used to make deals with countries for kickbacks under the guise of aid to citizens, knowing those corrupt leaders were going to use that money for nefarious purposes. That is socialism!

Everyone here is getting fruit, vegetables, protein and in some boxes, candy. No one is denied food and no one is asked any question to qualify for this food. I don’t know who is volunteering to distribute this food in your area it’s distributed, I believe through the mayor to the churches here.

It’s possibly rude to slander the character of our great president.

Translation: Get our while you can.

If Trump leaves, American might just become great. I think the prison guards might ask him to stay, however.

Unrelated: an obese black female professor blames Trump for black female obesity. lol.

It’s not slander if it’s true.

It’s not true if it’s slander.

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Ok. Donald Trump is a fat (true), orange (true), lying (true) piece of shit (true).

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True Slander

That makes you rude. Apologize.

And I read (and believe) he drinks Russian prostitute piss.

I think I’ll go eat a donut after I finish this pancake. You’re making me fat.

Thanks, Sis…


i think the world should be a certain way. therefore it is. facts are for sissies.

You share that trait with your president, Bill.

my president came to my house last night and injected me with a vaccine. unless it was bleach.

what city are you in these days?

I’m sorry about yesterday, Reg, but I really get tired of you treating me as if I’m so stupid I’m going to fall for your vile accusations against our president when everyone on the face of the earth knows the dossier was a made up BS story. How would you like it if I suggested that you drink piss? Since we are on the subject…

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No need to apologize, Michele. I was being quite intentionally offensive toward your president. I don’t apologize for that. I don’t think the dossier was bs, btw. I know you disagree and I respect that.