Yep. Most horrible years of my life.


Is she who has your children?


my kids are both adults now.


Sorry, had. Spellcheck doesn’t check had, have and had.


Lol forget it


yeah. She had em.


So why did you stay with her?


What was wrong with your marriage?


She is a full on narcissist. The love was gone after 10 years. Stayed two more for the kids.


Sorry to hear


I don’t know the spread on the house, but that will flip. The 23 was the number of senators up for reelection in November that are Democrats.


Willing to trade expungement for cleaning of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) and new sponge. Properly dispose of old sponge and bucket.


Today the orange idiot escalated the trade war with China another $200 billion, which should nicely hurt his base areas in the coming weeks before the election. He also watched his Supreme Court nominee get accused of attempted rape, and he took pettiness to a new level by revoking the Palestinian envoy’s residency permit. Just another day in Trumpworld.


I bought my house just in time.


Are you handy with tools?


I have found that one pain in the ass in particular pops up from time to time. It is the (shudder) mechanism inside your toilet tank. It’s coming at your at some point. Not really difficult, just a pain. If you enjoyed that, I can give you more.


Not particularly. I’m not awful. Not handy, no.


I lived in a condo for 13 years that I owned and the association did nothing. I can fix the toilet usually. Replacing a vanity is another story.


^Yeah but still doable. Youtube has been my savior more than once.


I totally agree. I had to hardwire a smoke detector in the condo before selling it. Youtube saved me, lol.