I bought 5 pairs of shoes from amazon all wide width. I’m going to donate the pairs I have here while they are still in good to fair shape.

That’s all my charity for now not sending in any checks. Might consider it when I am more set apart for good work.

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I believe someone has offended Michelle, she hasn’t been here in days. Maybe she’s camped out in Tulsa for the big rally or to go to the nearby gun show. Who did it Michele? Who offended you this time?

I think she was totally disgusted by the trump bible photo fiasco.

I know I was disgusted by it.

People come and go. She will probably be back at some point. And if not, that’s fine. People need their space. Let her do what’s right for her. I note Nico is quiet too, likely because Michele is.

Woo hoo. This should be fun.

Waa Waa. Thousands of copies already out there. Sorry Donny.

Where was this guy during the impeachment trials? Not allowed to talk?

He is a vile prostitute like most people Trump surrounds himself with. At that time it was in his interests to keep his tongue firmly planted in Trump’s rear end. Now it’s not. He goes where his interests are at the moment, like any prostitute.

The spectacle in Tulsa has begun.

I suppose it would be impolite to hope they all get coronavirus and die.

I suppose but I already have.

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Trump rally could have better music. It seemed like I was there watching George Bush and George Bush like yesterday was today. Get the whiskey and a feather and short branch to bite down.

Looks like there were over a million ticket requests for the trump rally, according to him but only 10000 showed up. Maybe less.

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I am happy to see Trump failing but I seriously doubt Biden could get 10k to a stadium even without coronavirus going on so I’m not going to crow just yet. I really hope Biden doesn’t blow this. He’s leading everywhere. It should be a cakewalk, but Hillary should’ve been a cakewalk.

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The prostitute Bolton will vote for Biden, it seems. Good in that it may swing some Republicans.

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Trump just isn’t on you enough Reggie. You really need to feel it so that he is.

Trump says we are testing too much.

Looks like there were 6000 people there. A decent number. His followers care less about covid 19 so I agree Biden could not get more.

I guess a bunch of the ticket requests s were fake accounts in South Korea, lol.