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(and belated congratulations on your presidents b-day)

Trump is really pushing it this upcoming Tulsa rally. Health officials are giving cautionary warnings while Trump is talking about a second venue to pack in 40,000 people. 20,000 are scheduled. I suppose he can do with half. It is controversial because Tulsa is the site of a massacre in 1921 and the original date Trump wanted was the date of the holiday that commemorates the end of slavery.

I wonder if he believes people will see him as some type of savior. Look at this picture in the article. The picture is from March and he is standing like the statue of Jesus Christ statue in Brazil with a tie that looks like it is fake blood covering the Sacred Heart of Jesus/Mary, which must be under it.
It doesn’t even look he has any blood and had to rub a red pen in the center to make it appear he bled.

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Did he use a blue pen for the photo this time?

I think I will get Comey’s book after I listen to his memos. And then Bolton’s. Going to step my reading up as I piled up a lot of reading material as of recent.

It will be interesting to see how his “mightier than the sword” image works for his approval.

Body drawing is so mature.

Makipag-usap sa akin sa wika ng iyong ina

Tulsa is reporting a record number of covid spikes. There will be no requirement for masks or social distancing at Trump’s rally if I heard correctly on the news.
I think that is exactly what he wants, people in caught up in a fever he believes he can whip into a fervor for him. We’ll see how deals with the cold of covid.

He has always portrayed himself as “hot” to me. Oh you don’t know what hot is.

You were safe and amused when you were doing it without his attention and out of his reach. Now you’ll experience what it is like when Trump is on you.

Markahan dapat mong sabihin ang totoo kay Will

Somebody is cheating here and I want nothing to do with it.

Can you feel me breathing down your neck?

Hmmm. Seems something could have been better. Really not my problem.

This is huge. Roberts sided with the liberals again. If he stays on until Biden is president, that could be promising.

I just saw that. 3 in a row.

You wear adidas?


I have been wearing the same sneakers for 3 years. I just got a promo from asics for 60% off for healthcare workers. So I got 2 sneakers marked down from 150 each to 6 each. Or 300 to 120. Glad I found out about it.