One of the reasons I thought Trump was a better candidate then Hillary was his business and money sense and that not only was he good for the economy but he was the economy itself with his hotels.

By the same thinking Conrad Hilton would have made a better a better Presidential candidate if still alive and possibly Richard Hilton.

It was rumored President Trump was overly obsessed with Paris Hilton. I think a lot of people were.

I think Paris Hilton is a good human being that has been and is continuously exposed to harmful obsessive negativity. I think that can be less. She has a cool channel and is quite creative.

Good for the economy would be letting people pay off near maximum credit card debt.

Offering the options of loan consolidation or bankruptcy as new start. I think that is his appeal. Run up a massive line of credit, declare bankruptcy or get some loan and start it all over and run it up again and die not paying it off or end your life your credit line is maxed.

It seemed to me to be the only choice and I wonder why approval is so hard for line increases. It seems he does not want anyone to pay off credit card debt.

Paris Hilton is a bimbo, a coke head and a racist. Her greatest contribution to the human race will come when she departs it.

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Trump’s popularity is crashing. This is very hopeful.

I actually expect people to go back to work and coronavirus numbers to improve. Which seems like both are happening. I don’t blame him for the job numbers. Nor give any credit while they improve. He has been non existent other than threatening military force and whining about mayors
Mostly just hiding. Showing lots of weakness.

Hopefully, once things improve people will remember how awful a job he has done this year. I think BLM will do him in more than the coronavirus. BLM is more about being a decent human being. There were and still are some rotten people that were unwilling to put on a mask. It seems, the coronavirus is not contagious if the individual is asymptomatic. That would make the mask useless. There are some folks that care so little for others they don’t care at all if those people get infected so I’m guessing there will be masks everywhere for a while. That’s especially true since they were unwilling to wear a mask to protect others, while we were still learning.

Anyways, this is about Trump. His education secretary made zero statements about home schooling. Her only recent news of lately is banning funds to schools that have trans sports athletes. I’d rather just get rid of sports altogether so it’s a good thing I’m not education secretary lol.

That’s an interesting opinion. I hadn’t thought of that before. I might agree with that. Teach exercise and healthy experiences, not competitive sports. I’ll have to think more on that.

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It’s mostly because I don’t want to spend money on it. In half the states in the USA, the highest paid state government employee is a football coach. Ridiculous.

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She can make an awesome burger.

I wonder if the Trump administration wins its suit against California, can Trump uses the money for his hotels. What is the allowed for use of the money won in a suit?

Why can’t he just ask the bank for money if that is the case? I think it just more hardship for the state.

No bank has touched Trump for years. That’s why he’s involved in all those shady deals.

I don’t plan on voting for him this election. It does not mean I will not support the President for the good of the people of he wins. It also does not mean I will not vote for him if he runs in 2024 and is the best candidate for the times.

He got too many bad deals before, this was balance.

There would have to be constitutional change for that to happen, and that seems unlikely.

If he loses this election I don’t believe so.

He keeps pushing China because he wants The U.S. and China to buttress one another. Also he wants to parallel Xi’s running term…unlimited depending on health and life factors alone.

You got one right. trump wants to be dictator for life.



June, 2020 11:00 AM

Pool Call Time In-House Pool Call Time

The White House
12:30 PM

Official Schedule The President has lunch with the Vice President

Private Dining Room

Closed Press
2:00 PM

Press Briefing Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a briefing

On Camera
2:30 PM

Official Schedule The President participates in a roundtable on Fighting for America’s Seniors

Trump schedule for today. He must have worn himself out with that glass of water.

Good morning BBAD

Good morning! I see the president turned 74 the other day. I’m surprised with his diet he has made it that far.

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I hope he lives long enough to lose in November. Then he can die.