I do too,


So tell me how you see me


I think you are a good person. I think you have not had an easy life. I see you as being willing to put your beliefs to the test. Short tempered. Loyal to those you love. A pain in the ass sometimes. Frustrating in your political blindness but a pretty good kid overall.


Wow! That’s better than I expected!


your turn


I believe you are a good person but misguided by poisoning from the media.


That’s the only pounding I get these days.


I think the war messed with your mind and I want to know about it




We’ve been through this.


Tell me, how many good years do I have left?


I know nothing of your health or even your age. I hope you have enough to grow that little girl.


I know we touched on it once. We haven’t really been through it :upside_down_face:


I guess I’m in good health. I don’t take medication of any kind and I’m 53


You have many years left grasshopper.


Actually I just meant when does the sex end


Why fanx grandpa! Lol


Never in some form or other.


Wil, you are 70 and you said it the only pounding you get that’s days. The question was how long do we who are younger have left?


Oh awesome!