So I know a man that was in vietnam


He is fighting liver cancer


He is a very heavy drinker


He smokes pot now


One of my dad’s friends.


Well, maybe I was rash. There is satisfying sex as long as we live. As time goes by it transforms but is still satisfying. I can still help a woman to orgasm. (if thats what you wanna know)


I just wanted to know that it wasn’t going to end anytime soon


It never needs to end. In the end it is all bout closeness. Mere skin contact can be very healthy.


That’s lovely! You don’t want to talk about Vietnam do you?


There really isn’t much I can say about it.


Are the things they said about what you all did true?


Were you merciless?


I don’t know what you are referring to.


Did you show mercy?


You have the wrong idea about my role. I was beneath the radar. That’s it. no mas


What is beneath the radar? And no mas?


I can’t even get copies of my orders from the national archives.




Was your position secret?


We’ve been through this and this will be my final statement on this topic. I can’t say.