It may have a double meaning but not here


And not when Wil is using it


Why are you 2 doing this?


Obviously, you have discussed it amongst yourselves.


I don’t care if you teach me something but why did you start with intercourse?


You knew what my reaction would be.


Because we have to start with something you think you know about but are wrong. Then we can correct you and have a higher level of intercourse with you. Just think. You have had intercourse with Mark and Daniel. You have opened yourself to intercourse with everyone on this site. Often times throwing yourself at them. We strive for a higher level of intercourse here at BBAD and are willing to teach you how to do it.


Don’t you think you have been doing it already? Or do you think I come here for intercourse?


I think you are probably constantly searching for intercourse.


Now see I don’t know how to take that coming from you.


You think you know me but I don’t think you know me at all. You know what I’ve allowed you to know.


I can say the same to you.


So what is it you want to teach me Wil


I want to teach you that we can fight like hell and depart the field as friends.


I can’t do that


You can’t type either.


You need to work on the speed of your recovering argument.


I get bored waiting too long.


You have left me waiting countless times and I’m moving too slow for you?


I prefer a discussion like this Wil but I can’t type fast with 2 thumbs