You know the Bushes and Clinton’s are tighter than I believe we truly know.


I hope you’re off watching that video.


I tried. It was far too goofy to take seriously or waste what few breaths I have left on.


lol how many?


Who knows.


You should be able to tell


As a bible thumper, you should know that no one knows.


That hospital stay would tell us a lot lot :blush:


There would be signs and you would know them if you were reading your own bible and watching.


Enough to give you hell for awhile. Though I will say I do enjoy the intercourse we share.


Is that suppose to be funny?


Dead serious.


you might find a dictionary helpful.


Wow I just don’t know what to say to that.


Why just say yes, you enjoy intercourse with me as well.


Go fuck yourself!


Well I never! I thought we had some of the best intercourse I have ever had. Sorry if it wasn’t good for you. By the way, don’t forget that dictionary.




What is this about?