How am I suppose to relax when you’re telling the world that I don’ t know how to relax.

you find your inner peace god whatever, focus and think?


you are human like each and everyone of us


i also said strong and mentioned your inner peace and your god…

we all have strengths and weaknesses it makes us human

iam just a little naughty girl with fishnets and lipstick, what is crazy to one…

Gross Dutch pervert. I believe you, however, just as I believed you when you said you were fat. God that mental image of a vile, fat, Dutch pervert in fishnets and lipstick is repulsive.

of course you do lol and you are welcome… enjoy;)

Hi Reg, question? I know I haven’t been here in awhile but how long does it take of inactivity before your account is deactivated? I had to reactivate everything… annoying

Hi Bridget,

I actually switched software since the last time you were here so everyone had to re-register. That was about two years ago if I recall correctly.

Hope all is well.


Lol shows how long it’s been since I was here last. Yep, all is good— kids are all grown, oldest is married, middle is engaged youngest is finishing her undergrad this year.
It’s just me and the dog now. I’m off work because of the pandemic so I thought I’d pop in.
How are things with you? Did you ever settle down??

I’m stranded in Medellín but we’re fine. Been with the same woman for over five years now. We’ve been travelling around South America lately but that’s obviously over with these days. No complaints.

Congrats! I’m happy you found someone.
Wow this place has changed! I see Thinkingaboutit hasn’t though. Lol

some get old and married, others stay forever 18;)

nice to hear you are doing good cashedout and welcome back

Howdy Cash! Long time. Remember this old fart?

Lol I believe I do Moon how have you been?

How’s it going TAI??? It’s been so long since I’ve been here yet in other ways feels like I’ve never left.
Anything new in your life TAI?

Doing well here kid. My kids are also grown. Been with the same woman for over 20 years and no one has been killed yet. Have two grandchildren now. Hope you are well. You’re right. Thinkingaboutit hasn’t changed.

iam ok as always thank you cashedout
know the feeling, i took a little break from this place myself
somehow the more things change, the more they stay the same;)

I guess Jared Kushner told trump the coronavirus was not a big deal. I guess he was wrong. Maybe Jared doesn’t know anything about viral spreading.