wait a few minutes and things might change again

searching for “cocksucker” only showed a couple results on bbad

this result shows a similar meltdown:

did you forget to take your medication?

I’m sorry. I don’t want to put you through anything.


i will take that as a no


why dont you check out the link i posted that reminded me of your previous meltdown, it could help you


lol it wasnt an order but a suggestion, i personally already did check it out and as i said it reminds me a lot of this situation


oki doki

just ask yourself exactly what i have done besides supporting you and encouraging you to be you…

Absolutely right.

I hope so.

Don’t think he hasn’t thought of that.

Ignoring meltdown.


thats not the start but ok…
if you look at your posts, doesnt it look like you didnt take your medication?

it looks like it to me, so i ask you just that


relax and be yourself?


She is being herself. She doesn’t know how to relax.

i think she can, she just seems a bit insecure but she is stronger than she thinks