britney spears: “i’ve never really wanted to go to japan. simply because i don’t like eating fish. and i know that’s very popular out there in africa”


Do you think the that was the right approach?

Yes I suppose you do.

You who says oh I care about the whole world. I’m love.

You are a liar and the father of them.

You could have asked what does this mean. Instead you belittled me. Oh so caring to belittle someone.

Take your place with Reg and Wil, Cocksucker.

hmm what are you on about?
you posted an interesting quote, i posted one i find interesting, why this angry reaction?

Oh, now you are going to treat me like I’m stupid by playing dumb. Okay.
I’m on you, Dummy.

please read the messages and think

No. I don’t think so. You explain it to me.

i dont know what is going on in your head, why do you think iam a liar or why or how i belittled you?



nookisnotgoodenough Okay?




Another day on BBAD.

What are you talking about, Will? Everything seems very normal to me.

Yes. It has become normal.

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