yes but thats because most people that dont have symptoms dont get tested…

many of those people that do not have symptoms and have not been tested but do carry the virus are infecting many more

Yea, same ol’ garbage, Orange Man bad… = Trump Derangement Syndrome.


I trust Fauci but I am not optimistic he nor trump can do much right now. The only thing helping us is local government curfews which vary quite a bit state by state. I see southern florida is doing everything they can to help spread the virus. I’m not sure trump can stop them from behaving like morons. My sister in law is supposed to travel up here on Thursday. Not even sure why. I’m guessing they are adopting and want to tell us in person. They are welcome to a hour tour of the house. I have hand sanitizer at the front door. I’m paranoid of someone infected working in the lab and having the hospital shutdown because nobody is allowed to get into the lab. For the next 3 weeks, I’m sure it will be work and yoga and hiking. Sometimes I work so much I cough to stay awake. I guess I’ll freak people out if I do that now.

Trump could fight the virus though, attacking it by surprise like he did at Wrestle Mania! I would be sooo proud of him if he did so. Without those evil revelation 13:16 style-vaccines, you know, virus struck down and shaved bald by the power of the Donald’s mighty hand!!!

A bald-headed virus cannot attach itself to human cells…

They will adapt quickly. You could thread them by tossing “corona” “Corona”, then they’d be actually glad. I used this tactics several times with success: Piss people off then they are actually glad they got rid off me for some time…

trump was at wrestlemania… dont even know why iam surprised to see that lol

He is THE man! He is THE DONALD! Unstoppable, no virus can stop the Donald!

trump IS a virus.

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Trump apparently just won the Republican nomination. I didn’t bother reading past the headline but I guess that means the guy challenging him (Weld or something?) is out.

Biden is now effectively the Democratic nominee. Bernie should withdraw.

Just saw this and it made me smile.


I didn’t bother reading past the headline either but I noticed you didn’t post it so I thought I would be a good friend and post it for you. :grimacing:

“Trump secures the Republican nomination as new poll shows him leading both Biden and Bernie in Florida”

trump was saying things about the virus like, “we have it totally under control … it’s going to be fine” (jan. 22), and “we’ve pretty much shut it down” (feb. 2). he added that cases would drop to zero “within a couple of days” (feb. 26) or disappear “like a miracle” (feb. 27)

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He could not have handled it worse. There is nothing we can do about how awful his response was. Just go forward.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Liberals around the world were or are working together with Democrats every day to take Trump down. Don’t put anything past them and don’t trust them to do the right thing just because you think you hear them saying things that sound right in your ears. They do like to tickle the ears of their blind followers.

if only there were enough sane people in the world that would make all countries boycot usa until they elect a sane president lol

No need to boycott anything. If Trump declares Marshall Law, there probably won’t be an election.

No election? So no house, no president, just 65 senators?

What’s wrong with this? Usually in politics you try to take down with your opponent. With help and money.

Why do you think no House or president?

Sure that’s the right way to take a president down. It’s unfortunate that your representatives use the intelligence community. Jus’ sayin’.

“As a rule, men worry more about what they can’t see than about what they can.”

That’s exactly what I thought.