We will resist (with the help of some garrulous geeks) until Jeshuah returns. Meanwhile we experienced the first great light at the end of the tunnel, the long long night we were experiencing, with the rise of Donaldus…

He is the first Levanah, we have been experiencing for years. A Levanah is the biblical concept of the moon reflecting the light of the sun, just as the community shall reflect the light of YHWH Jeshuah.
And just as Donaldus reflects the light of America for all the rest of the world to see, especially in godless Europe under EU-COMMIEsar control. We do see his light over here…

I just differ on the Iran issue with “the Donald” as I am no fan of the secular state of “Israel”.

He drains the swamp and kicks the globalist elite into their behinds.


[quote=“freedomrider, post:21, topic:18”]
I just differ on the Iran issue with “the Donald” as I am no fan of the secular state of “Israel”.
[/quote]I don’t understand.


Easy to understand.
Israel-the secular state clearly is not the reestablishment of god’s nation in my eyes. They are secular. Shit! They even let gay pride parades soil this holy land. I think they are occupying the land that the real Israel in the end-times will inhabit, maybe Neurei Karta or a Messianic Nation.
Check out the attack on the USS Liberty and be aware that even to America, “Israel(the secular state)” is not an entirely friendly nation.
Also, how many foreign nations did Iran attack in its history and how many did the US and “Israel(the secular state)” attack?

Rather than cancelling the Iran treaty because of nuclear ambitions, they should meticulously inspect the “Israeli” facilities for undeclared nuclear activity and punish severly.

“Israel(the secular state)” has nothing to do with the people of Israel in the bible IMHO.


President Trump signed “Right to Try”
Thank you, God!


I agree, Daniel, but the difference between Israel and every other country in the world is that Israel is holy land. God will deal with them. The Bible says to not fear man who can destroy the body but God who destroys both body and soul. I wouldn’t want to be them if they are doing bad things on God’s holy land. Remember the Exile!
As for Iran, it was a bad deal to begin with and I’m thankful. Perhaps now a real business deal can be made. One that benefits the United States also.


Amen to this! So much evil is done because people think the nation-state calling itself Israel is somehow the same as Biblical Israel. Nothing could be further from the truth.

EDITED TO ADD: Amen to this below, also.


Back on topic, Trump just sanctioned US allies on steel and aluminum. All of them have announced they will retaliate. It is important to remember who pays a tariff. It is always the recipient. Never the sender. This move, which almost everyone on all sides agrees is stupid, is effectively a tax on US businesses and will raise the prices of most steel-based products in the US.


Agreed 100%. This was a good call by Trump.


Are you saying Iran isn’t building nuclear weapons but Israel is?


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:blush: Testing!:joy: Awesome! If only understanding what’s happening in Israel could be this easy. :nerd_face:


I just got the feeling the Iran nuclear agreement by Obama was reasonable and fair and did calm down the situation. In contrast to “Israel’s” Dimona factory, Iran fulfilled his part of the agreement by letting the nuclear inspectors do their inspections on ground and they had nothing to complain about the last years.
Then Netanyahu comes along with rediculously old accusations and findings, bullying the US to work towards cancelling the agreement.
The deal worked, even for “Israel”.
Just look at the difference between Ahmadinedschad and Rohani, the latter one being much less outrageous or threatening to the secular state of “Israel”. And I think the Iran agreement was part of that lowering tensions.
The agressions clearly originate from the “Israeli” side time and time again.

Just youtube “attack on the USS Liberty” to find out about the modus operandi of “our ally” “Israel”.


The USS Liberty incident was the point at which I realized that the US was totally owned by Israel.


That’s my Trump! America first.


I had a friend who died on the Liberty. Jerry Lee Goss.


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