Oooh, the Manafort trial is heating up. Everywhere you turn is a russian. Just like trump. The traitor in chief.


I just can’t get excited about Manafort. I mean sure, he’s a scumbag and it’s good they are destroying him, but this is an undercard. I want the main event. Indict the Donald and his whole family.


Uh oh looks like Canada got hurt. No more Saudi Business. All Canadian assets being sold off and no more wheat and barley imports. Looks like a Trump win, eat more, feed more soldiers and beer more beer!.
Also Canada imports the majority of its oil 53% according to this pie chart from the United Sates, with 15% from Saudi Arabia. They will either expand relations to other Arab countries dig in more at home or shift to more U.S. dependence.

Some change in Saudi leadership not so recently…might be an equivalent to add up to U.S. and King Jong-Un, but no Kim Jong-Un. It has to be a Leo with all the admittance of women and women advancement.


I’m pretty sure we’ll survive. The thought of less Saudi ownership of Canadian assets is a total positive in my honest opinion. We have no trouble selling all the wheat and barley we can grow, so they are welcome to piss off with that business as well. Removing their students from Canadian universities is so laughable a move that I don’t even know what to say about it – they are welcome to have their kids less educated. That’s fine too.

I totally stand with our government. The Saudis need to quit imprisoning people for peacefully voicing opposition, and our government was 100% right to tell them so.


Well you were tested.


I’m sure there is now pressure on other Middle East countries to follow suit against Canada. Maybe it is better to turn inward and work on infrastructure.

Seems a very unexpected to blow to the arrogance of “best world relations”.


Part of living in a world fraternity is that you have to be able to accept disagreements without throwing tantrums. Trump and the Saudis have not learned this.

I just tweeted this a few minutes ago.


but why?


Because this.


My presiden is :heart::heart::heart: Trump :heart::heart::heart: an I’ll be g*d damned if we fell for Merkel and Troudeaux;-)

…wetbacks have the ICE boys on those cholos…

I read the term “ICE” on bbad several times and I know by now you don’t mean the German high speed train by this term.

Gotta googe ICE now…



Now, after promising to stay the hell out of wars, Dumbass Donald decides to add billions to the US military machine by creating a space force. This will add many more billions to the US debt and deficit for no gain whatsoever, and yet the koolaid drinkers will defend it.


I hate to use the n-word here on bbad, but I have to tell you, Reg, you have the attitude of a real


I he goes into space

they’ll say “finally some innovation”. “What a great businessman”

This atheist pieco of crap talked about spreading out into space,

the’d say “what a brave man”. “…and soo wise”.

Now, if HE want’s to go out of orbit…

they say: “what a stupid idea” “dump the Trump” “how much does it even cost?”



I’m all for putting trump in orbit.


Just for clarity, Trump is not talking about space exploration. I’m all for that. Trump is talking about a military force put into space in order to destroy things back on earth if he so desires.


Come on, Reg, even Will changed the team and is supporting Trump now in his aspirations to become INTERGALACTING KING. Don’t be left behind and jump right on the Trump-train. What did I say? I mean, jump on the Trump-rocket. Damn, that Koolaid is goooooood.

…to the skyyyyhahayyyy see Donaldus rise.


You are truly delusional.



On the one-year anniversary of the Unite The Right white supremacist march, the original organizers are trying to do another. Everyone will have had time to prepare this time so I doubt they’ll get far. It’ll be interesting to see how the Donald reacts this time. Last time, he blamed both sides equally.


Unite the white is always right!
We need a big march on DC like NSM in 2008


You are probably not aware that Jason Kessler, the primary organizer, admitted that the senior organizer was black because all the white guys that volunteered were incompetent. Note, this isn’t an indictment of white guys, many of whom are incredibly competent. It is an indictment of white supremacists who appear to only be good at tiki-torching and sister-screwing.