The Catholics are a net positive to the planet, their silly fairy tales notwithstanding. Israel is a blight.


I have to agree! Green Eggs and Ham had such an effect on me. I read passages from it nightly.


Israel is a blight but you firmly support Jews against Trump.


Correct. I am not against Jews at all. I am against the nation-state calling itself Israel, which you mistakenly believe is the Biblical Israel. Many Jews agree with me that this modern nation-state calling itself Israel is a blight and has nothing to do with the Biblical israel. Indeed, it was the Jews of Neturei Karta who first showed me how wrong this modern nation-state calling itself Israel is.


Biblical Israel was exiled. Tell me how I am mistaken?

I am not disagreeing with this but it’s not what I’m talking about.

Those with wealth and power that control the things we eat and the news and the violent movies and prescriptions and vaccinations.
I’m talking about those who would breed for power and control over the world. Who seek to divide the world. To do harm to children.
I’m talking about those who collude with every political power in every country and every religion to change the law.


I hereby name my house in Colombia where I am sitting, “Atlantis”. I now demand that you accept that this is the lost land of Atlantis and accept that I am the heir of Atlas, its king.

You can talk about whatever you want. I am talking about the blight calling itself Israel, not the Jews around the world (many of whom agree with me that Israel is a blight).


They…agree with you? You hang with them?


Why did Hitler hate the Jews?


We aren’t talking about the same people. You must be talking about people on Twitter. I’m talking about people who serve girl children on platters.


I do not hang with any Jews these days, although I have in the past and would again if I happened to make a new Jewish friend. I once had a Jewish girlfriend when I was young. Aya. She died a few years ago which I was sad to hear about even though we hadn’t spoken for decades. I do not need to hang with Jews to agree with them (or to disagree with them for that matter).

Hitler hated Jews for many reasons, including but not limited to the fact that he blamed them for many of Germany’s problems, they had just declared war on Germany, and he was insane.

There are about 14.4 million Jews on Earth. I don’t believe all of them serve girl children on platters. In fact, I’m not aware of any of them doing that.


Well I’m sorry to hear about your Jewish girlfriend and I’m not trying to lump all Jews together. Just the wealthiest that rub elbows with judges, politicians and royalty.

Hitler hated the Jews because he saw them marrying into Communism and defiling the Name of the Lord by saying, “There is no God.” Hitler wasn’t a religious man but he knew the Bible, much like you. He believed as long as he was standing guard against the Jews, he was defending the work of the Lord.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
Like 8: 17


My only gripe with rich Jews is that they often (not always) put Israel before the country that made them rich (which is almost never Israel).


Just by the way, you spoke of Jews against Trump. Those exist, of course, but certainly the elite Jews you speak of generally love Trump. His vile son in law, Kushner, has donated to illegal Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.

Indeed, Trump’s biggest donor, Sheldon Adelson, is far more loyal to Israel than to the US and he funded Trump on the condition that Trump move the US embassy to Jerusalem. He also funded the similar move by Guatemala. Google it if you don’t believe me. What you thought was a principled decision by Trump was a simple typical swamp move where Trump did the bidding of his Israeli masters for money.


I remember reading about Adelson but the embassy move was a promise Americans have wanted fulfilled for years. Perhaps Adelson made the donation before Trump made it a promise, but moving the embassy wasn’t an abomination.

What are they doing?


Hey Reg…


I’ve never read green eggs and ham. I do know it was written by a jew.


He must have been one of the “good” jews I heard about in this thread.


These are the type of people Trump is dealing with. But I guess they have to kill a Palestinian in order to qualify as a “bad” Jew.


The biggest problem trump has is dealing with his delusions of grandeur.


Is that the reason you voted for Clinton?