Go to Hell, you heroic coward!


Must have touched a nerve.


The only nerve you touched is my Trump nerve.

You spew forth your hate for his vile, disgusting, vulgar language and then you spew forth his language and now the world knows it.


So tell me Michelle, are you a Q anon supporter?


I didn’t even know what that Q Anon crap was until yesterday. With half your country insane, I don’t feel good about the future. For any of us. When the world’s biggest economy and largest nuclear arsenal goes mad, nobody’s going to remain unscathed.


You mean like Donald Trump?


I just heard about it today. This is a deeper level of insanity than we’ve seen before. Violence prone.


Michelle, you never answered my question. It isn’t just going to go away.


It’s probably not a sin to those who don’t feel the need to obey God. Is Trump a born-again Christian? He hasn’t said Jesus is Lord publicly. That makes him like you and you like him.
Maybe his wife gave him permission. Maybe is wife put the thought in his head. His past sex life is not ours to judge. If that were the reason for voting a president in, we would have had to vote for Pense.

They say Trump is like a Cyrus because King Cyrus was a rebellious man but God used him for His own purpose. That’s how Christians justify voting for him. I voted for him because I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Hillary because the Clintons and Bushes have been passing the baton back and forth for 30+ years. Both families getting richer and richer while they spend our money on wars and line their pockets. Then God have us Obama just to show us how desperately we need Him because Obama lied to us when he said he was a Christian. He condemned the Word in one of his speeches. He’s a liar and I hate him for deceiving us.

Q is suppose to be a group of people who are giving slow clues to what’s coming so it won’t be such a shock when it happens. They have been giving people clues about the investigations and they are leading people to believe that liberal elites are up to something really bad. That’s the fight Trump is up against. Jews who own the media. I don’t follow it much since it’s all very biblical anyway, but it’s where the “red pill” comes from.

Even tho I don’t follow Q, the things they are saying are probably important. It’s been hard for me to listen to any of it or even the news since I read the book. (I missed the Putin meeting) Because I can see now that no one can be trusted. Even Trumps Son-in-Law is under suspicion in my eyes. And what point is there in listening to Q when you can read a book and get the same feeling of destruction coming. Because they are setting it up and they are going to do it.
Even though I dont believe Trump is destroying the world in any way, I believe he is going to take us deeper in debt. But I don’t see that we have any other option. We have to stand up to the world and especially China. I’m tired of our country being used up by every other country. I’m tired of us footing the bill for the world. It is probably going to put a financial strain on people but I don’t know how it can be any more painful than it was in 2015.
The investigation will be complete in September, during the Feast of Trumpets. And even tho this isn’t a Judgement year (2001, 2008, 2015, 2022), bad things always happen in September.


This is totally contrary to Biblical doctrine. The Bible makes clear a sin is a sin regardless of whether you “feel the need to obey God”. By that argument, I have never sinned because I don’t feel the need to obey God.

And yet you support Israel.

This is just more koolaid. Your country has never been used up by every other country, nor is it the world’s piggy bank or any of the other fake news that Trump puts out. The only exception is Israel which does own and use the US as it pleases.

Never forget who pays Trump’s tariffs. It is not China. It is not Canada. It is US businesses. That 25% on Canadian steel is not paid by Canadians, it is paid by Americans. All the tariffs on Chinese goods are not paid by Chinese, they are paid by Americans. Not in the long run, either. I mean right now, when the tariff is imposed, it is US companies that pay the bill as the goods hit the border. The orange idiot doesn’t understand that, and neither do most of his supporters.


And you believe that to be true?

Isn’t that the way it is? You feel no conviction therefore you feel no need to repent?

Turning against Israel is like turning against myself. But I’m not happy about the cruelty they inflict upon their neighbor.

We weren’t providing aid to Pakistan when they double-crossed us?
We aren’t in a deficit with China? China doesn’t use the entire world? China follows all the rules?
We didn’t get straight up screwed by Russia when they bought our uranium with our government approval during the Obama administration when Clinton Hubby took a $500,000 fee for a 30 minute speech and donations were conveniently made to their foundation?
You may be right because through all that we are still very strong.

Yes, I know! Do you suggest we let China walk on us? I wish we would stop trading with them altogether. I despise their products. All of them!!!


Another Republican who sucks at economics.


The point was made but thanks for participating.

You know what Catholics don’t understand? That the religion they abide in is a religion apart from conviction. Making a personal relationship with the Lord non-existent. Much like that of a person who has no religion at all.


I don’t get it. How did we get to catholics? Segues Please.


You were here for the meltdown and you are seriously asking for things to make sense?


Mmm…I hope you all took the time to reflect on the goodness of our Lord on His Sabbath day of rest.

Well it started with this comment that I just couldn’t shake off.

Reg, I had something I was going to share with you all that night but when I got here it all changed and I had no control over it.
I was in a fog that entire month. That book was the most emotionally charged books I’ve ever read. It was hard to read because it felt like a personal attack and it was hurtful. Not like the way you attacked, Will. Your words have no effect on me because your words are empty to me. The words in that book were from his heart and he held nothing back. It was a roller coaster of emotions and one cry-fest another. I need to read it again to understand what happened but I don’t have it in me to do it all over again. I tried to write it down. I think I wrote some things down but I don’t want to go back and read it because I when think about it, it all seems like random thoughts about…I don’t really know. Death I think. I may never understand what happened and you certainly won’t but you don’t have to keep digging me just because you can’t wrap your mind around it either.


What book are you talking about?


Green Eggs and Ham!

And I believe this is the reason why I was so personally affected by it.

A person is not a Jew who is one only outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical.

No, a person is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a person’s praise is not from other people, but from God.
Romans 2: 28-29


Wait. I’m confused. Who’s worse? The Catholics or the Jews?


Well I certainly don’t think Catholics are bad people.

I do wish Israel and the Vatican would spiritually burn together, like Sodom and Gamorrah.