Michele, this is like talking to a wall. OBAMA DID THAT. TRUMP IS UNDOING ALL THAT. Try to get it. You’re honestly coming across like a…not intelligent person. Then again, that ship might have sailed with your recent flooding.

Yes, I know this has been Republican mantra since Reagan. It is the religion of the right. That it has never happened in the history of the world does not deter them. In truth, deficits will come down when democrats regain power and raise taxes back to sane levels. This is what has always actually happened, as opposed to this pipe dream of trickle down economics. Look up the Republican presidents since Reagan. Every single one of them raised deficits. Only the two democrats reduced them.

Fair enough. I continue to assert I hate him for very good cause. I admit it is unkind of me to wish decades of agony upon him, however. That is something I will admit is irrational on my part.


You are so predictable! Here we go again! I thought I stated from 2005, long before Obama. So if you are keeping score, that credit should go to Bush. Again, this is not about keeping score.
The only thing Trump has attempted to do is cut research funding. He has a right to cut things that are costing the taxpayers. Don’t you agree? He didn’t stop funding but if he were stopping it as you say, why are we still leading the world in carbon reduction and solar production?
Trump is more interested in coal, oil and natural gas because of the higher paying jobs they create.
As of yet, you have failed to prove he is destroying the USA or the world. You want to hate him because that is the way the media is delivering the message to you.


Jury selection is tomorrow in the Manafort trial. Trial should start Wednesday. This is the trial for all his financial crimes. He is likely to be found guilty and should rightly stay in jail until his conspiracy trial in September.


Do you know the answer to this riddle, Will?

Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness.
Judges 14:14


Yes. The answer is Trump is a traitor.


Why do you say Trump? Could it be because I wanted you to associate this riddle with Trump? I put this message in this forum for the same reason you put the Manafort Trial here. You threw it in the mix as a reminder that Trump once hired a bank fraud. I did it to prove how predictable you really are and I must say, it was kind of funny lol

I’ll give you a hint:

What is sweeter than honey?
Judges 14:18


The idea of trump sitting in jail.


The odds of you solving this riddle are stronger.


I have no interest in solving your bible riddle.


Speaking of the Bible, here are two interesting quotes.

Deuteronomy 22:22 “If a man is found sleeping with another man’s wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die.”

Donald Trump (2005) “I did try and fuck her. She was married.”


Well, there’s an interesting riddle Michelle.


Yeah, it’s not a riddle. And if you don’t have the intelligence to figure it out just say so but don’t change Scripture because you can relate to one and not the other. This is just you 2 trying to trap him in a Scripture neither of you would even consider bending for. How pathetic!
Do you think we should kill Trump for confessing his sinful thought? Does this mean you’re about to confess your sins, Will? Because I’m thinking you have military stories to tell.


Sinful thought? This guy is a serial womanizer who has paid countless prostitutes by his own admission and in his own voice on recordings.


I do not advocate for any kind of violence against trump. I merely want him in jail where he belongs. You seem obsessed with confessing sins. You must have done many sinful things that you need to confess.


I agree, I also don’t advocate for violence against Trump, not because he doesn’t deserve it (he does) but because it will turn him into a martyr. Reagan was despised in the US until he got shot, at which point Americans rallied around the incompetent idiot and he became some kind of American Icon, Bedtime for Bonzo style. I don’t want that to happen to Trump. I want him to be despised for what he is: the worst president of modern times.

PS irrelevant story: I still remember coming to grade 7 English and hearing the teacher, Ms. Bourne, announce with a very serious face that Ronald Reagan had been shot. Some Chinese girl beside me said loudly, “Really? I hope he dies.” Made me chuckle then and still does 40 years later.


If they consented, it’s there sin, not his.

That’s what “they” want you to believe.

But when unemployment is down and consumer confidence is up and jobs are opening up everywhere and regulations are removed and taxes are reduced and welfare is slashed and the stock market is up and crime is down and new trade deals are being made and God is glorified, it’s hard to despise him.


Jail is for criminals. You can’t even prove he has committed a sexual sin, much less a crime. Don’t try and turn this on me, Will. My sins would make you blush.


It’s not a sin to cheat on your wife with a prostitute? Or just if you’re trump?
And in the interest of furthering your education your comment should read “it’s their sin”. Just trying to save you the shame of looking ignorant.


I don’t need to prove trump is a criminal. Mueller will do that for us. A true patriot Mueller.


It’s pretty hard to make me blush at this age. However looking at or smelling that thing of yours might make me vomit.