Do you support President Trump, Mark?


Why does it appear that I drank kool-aid? You sound as if you have been poisoned. There are natural structures on the tongue that are upraised colored spots. Do you notice any others?

Yes it did make america great again. Trade secrets were analyzed and learned and now america can make products for cheap just like overseas. People are even challenged and motivated to do so.


That sounds like a le chatelier equation. The answer can never be right all the time.


Fair enough. Speaking for myself, I dislike President Trump intensely, but I also dislike and wish harm upon his entire family, including Ivanka and her husband, that vile Jared Kushner. I hope they are both criminally charged and lose everything they have.


Jimmy Carter got rid of his peanut farm when he became president. He didn’t make a big deal about it. I can’t think of any former presidents that did actually.


I just don’t think we have the right chemistry together when it comes to politics. Sadly.


I read Michael Cohen is ready to flip on Trump and confirm Russian collusion. Interesting if true, and I obviously hope it is.


A German conservative messianic christian reach-out just relayed a Trump pro-creator PRO-AMERICAN values of freedom and faith speech on Shabbat evening.

God bless him

Shalom Shabat!!! bbaders


The biggest liar in the history of US government, a serial adulterer, thief and conman, makes a sappy and simple minded speech and you eat it up. Mein Gott.


Is that not the very definition of a trump supporter?


Oh good! An emotion! And so fitting!

Why do you hate him so much?


I hate him personally because he is a liar, a thief, a conman, a fraud, and a scumbag who has cheated almost everyone he has ever done business with.

I hate him as president because he is destroying the US and harming the rest of the world.

Welcome back! Nice to see you posting in smaller batches.


Why single Kushner out? There are many liars and thieves in the world, Reg.

And I thought you were thrilled with they way Trump is handling things. Or is Canada no longer going to benefit from a Trump agenda?

Tell me, how is he destroying us and the world?


And thank you. It’s good to see your passion. :wink:


I wasn’t talking about Kushner being a liar and thief. I was talking about the Donald. Kushner is a fraud who used his position of power for personal gain, but I do not hate him the way I hate Donald. Really, nothing bad enough can happen to Donald for me. I hope he lives a long time. In prison, watching the TV running documentaries about his impeachment.

Canada is bigly benefiting from Trump’s tariffs. China is already buying much more from Canada. Indeed, all countries affected are buying more from each other. Canada is going to hurt like hell if Trump cancels NAFTA, but I think it’s best for our country.

Here in South America, they have a saying. Es valen de pena. It’s worth the pain. We need to stop trading with the US and start trading with saner, more stable nations. Your nation is imploding, and Trump’s absurd budget with its trillion dollar deficits are going to cause huge problems for the US in coming years.

Left the Paris accord on climate. Destroyed the EPA. Left the Iran deal. Move the US embassy to Jerusalem, escalating tensions in Israel. Started the process of destroying NATO.

He really is the worst president of my lifetime by far. And yes, I hate him.


Do we need the Paris Climate Accord to prove we care about climate change? Are we not leading most of the world in wind and solar production? So what other reason is there for signing that agreement?

The Iran deal…seems like that was about the time the oil market in the United States went bust. It was a promise kept. Thank you Jesus and Donal Trump.


If NATO is destroyed it’s because someone isn’t playing fair.

I hope Canada can profit from a deal with China lol Take our sloppy seconds. We are better than that.

Don’t talk to me about deficits and debt and budgets.
Obama added something like 10 trillion to our debt.

And yes, I can tell you hate him without cause.


Michele, this is one of the more intellectually dishonest things you’ve posted here. ALL of the advances the US has made on climate came under Obama and Trump is doing everything possible to reverse them all. He has gutted the EPA and is trying to subsidize coal. He is, in so many ways, the dirtiest president in memory.

NATO will live on, whether or not the US participates.

That’s just childish. Feeling a bit defensive?

Well, you outdid the environment point with this incredible intellectual dishonesty. Obama took a republican 1.7 trillion dollar deficit and got it down to 500 million, under a third of what it was. Trump has taken a 500 million dollar deficit and ballooned it back up to 2 trillion. I will talk to you about deficits and debt and budgets since Republicans don’t understand any of those things, and Trump understands them less than most Republicans.

I hate him for very good cause.


If you would stop reading things into what I’m saying that I’m not saying…

The info I took on solar was from a 2014 report. I’m not trying to take anything away from Obama. He advanced the solar industry. But you are saying we are destroying the world by not signing into this marriage of globalization through a climate accord. I’m still trying to figure out how we are destroying ourselves or the world by pulling out and you are still keeping score between Obama and Trump. You’re acting like such a girl about it. If this were a real test between Obama and Trump, Trump won!

Not if everyone sits back and waits for someone else to pays their dues.

No. I’m serious. Take China and there cheap lead based products. I’m sick of paying twice.

That’s because of the tax cuts, Reg. We will recover from that as more and more people move back into the workforce. It’s also from the enormous expense we are having to take on because Obama depleted our military and let our equipment fall apart.

Yeah, I can see why you hate him now. He really puts Obama to shame with his tireless efforts to rebuild our great country.

Did I mention our GDP for the second quarter? Probably no need. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, I don’t know if Trump is destroying the world but he sure is setting it on fire.


Trump is destroying the world by refusing to keep America’s commitments on reducing greenhouse gases, and he has only won in the minds of those who have drunk the koolaid, as you clearly have.

I realize you’re serious. You were also childish and defensive, and slightly vulgar.

Correct, Republicans always enact tax cuts for the rich and run up huge deficits and debt that democrats will have to pay.

I’m sure Obama feels ashamed of America these days, too. Your GDP is up, clearly. Nobody is surprised by that. Tax cuts do that, at the expense of your future. It’s why I am happy Canada is looking elsewhere.

I hate Trump because he is a liar, a fraud, a scumbag, and the worst president of my lifetime.


Do we not lead the world in CO2 reduction, Reg? Haven’t we alone reduced as much as all the EU combined? China’s CO2 emissions have grown by 3% since 2005, but I guess that’s ok. God give me more koolaid!

[quote=“Reg, post:501, topic:18”]

No. I’m serious. Take China and there cheap lead based products. I’m sick of paying twice.

I realize you’re serious. You were also childish and defensive, and slightly vulgar.
[/quote]. LOL Slightly vulgar?! Have you ever had sloppy seconds, Reg? It starts out kinda fun because it’s so cheap. But then it becomes toxic and it breaks and you find yourself wishing for something better but it’s hard to find better since people can no longer make anything better that can compete with cheap prices so you are saddled with sloppy.

I’m not being childish or defensive and I don’t see how you can read that into my comment but you are good at reading things into it that aren’t really there. And I think it’s funny that you think I’m “slightly vulgar” because I used the phrase “sloppy seconds.” I hope you get a double portion of sloppy seconds from China so you understand where I’m coming from.
You get what you pay for, Reg. And China is in the business of making you pay.

For the rich? Is that really who got the tax cuts? Deficits will come down, Reg as manufacturers come back and more people go to work. Why is this so hard to wrap your mind around? Our country is doing better than it has in more than 15 years. Our unemployment rate is down and jobs are up. Everything is good here, Reg, and we are on our way to becoming number one in several sectors.

And best I can tell, you still hate him without cause. But you cling to that, Reg. Hatred is a strong emotion and kills other emotions at will. I choose to look beyond your hatred for him because I know you’re temporarily under a delusion. Otherwise, you would know he is going into the pages of time as the greatest president that ever lived because of all the obstacles he overcame. The world has taken notice and follows his lead.

Bless the Lord, oh my soul!