Only God knows which way this is going to go


Which way would you like it delivered? Through the heart or through the mind?


God gives you the choice with understanding of the consequences


Because the mind is warped


Sorry! I forgot about the foreplay again lol




Thank you, Lord! lol


Can you imagine 7 years of this? lol


That would be torture lol


Ioh my I am crying lol


Words have power


The written Word is the only instruction man takes.


If you want the situation to change. Change it. I’m ready for a new game lol


I’m also getting bored.


Bye guys. Thanks for the kicks n giggles


I’m not sure if that means she’s left forever or this is just a short break.


lol must be a frightening thing for you lol


Ivanka Trump is closing her fashion company. it appears to be a good close with some undisclosed amounts paid to her indicating it was profitable. With hard times in tariffs and trade wars this is a positive reenforcing her ability to make good financial decisons. She cited excessive restrictions and limitations due to white house obligations and responsibilities. Seems a good decision to shut the company down if she cannot be there full time to run it and to allow focus on public policy less hindered. Better outlook for the Trump presidency with that support and ease of mind.
Also tones down the whole feminist controversy. Lower volume better listening. Still waiting for any statement on live coverage.


Wow impressive. Giving people in the lower bracket some job hope. I have been stuck in the same low position for over a decade along with several other americans. Also not discriminating against former law offenders and recognizing work and worth not just some college degree demanding payoff and an elevated salary and less work. I think she sees the mess.


So Mark it appears you drank the Kool-Aid. Trumps products are manufactured overseas. Does that make America great again?