That one hour of sleep is when he’s in the oval office.

Really? :eyes:. I wanna see. Must be a very small heart.

No doubt he sleeps sitting up.

The service I get from the VA is top notch and you applaud that moron for trying to privatize it.

Why should you care, you don’t need the VA.

I guess she has no answer.

I applaud him for supporting top notch health care for the VA.

That is just not true. Veterans have battled wounds fights g for our freedom.

I was distracted. My son wants me to go smoke with him. But I said not o want yo hang with a veteran.

Bullshit. He is doing his best to dismantle VA and privatize it. Go smoke with your son.

I can’t. He left me alone. Tough luck for you.

Tough for you, our conversation is over.

Bummer. Where Reg? Hahaha. Just kidding. Reg is never around when you need him.

The first president to attend this parade to honor veterans.

He attends a parade but tries to cut off their health care and you think he’s pro-veteran.


Deval Patrick is considering running for president. He was a good governor but would be an awful choice. The good news is he has no chance and has not wasted money. We need fewer candidates. Not more.

TV should be interesting tomorrow.

I don’t know how it can be interesting if you know knows going to be said in advance. Some people think things are interesting when both parties are allowed to call witnesses.

Schiff probably won’t allow this person, who clearly has dirt on Trump, to testify.

“Chalupa is a Ukrainian American political operative who described herself as merely a “part-time consultant for the DNC running an ethnic engagement program.””

What does it mean to “run an ethnic engagement program?”

I will be glued to the tube. With glee.

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I see Michele is still reading the discredited Epoch Times.