You have the best words, Will.


Trump just met with Putin. Everyone is losing their excrement. I’m not. I still maintain it is better to talk to Russia than to yell at them. Xi in China just appointed himself president for life, he is a total dictator, and China spies on and meddles with the US far more than the Russians, but nobody would question Trump meeting Xi.


" I still maintain it is better to talk to Russia than to yell at them. "

Sorry but a one on one meeting between the Goofball and Putin is very troubling. Trump is an idiot. Putin has been KGB for a lifetime. He has Trump by the short hairs and he knows it. Trump will do anything to stay in power. A dark day when we let the Moron to take us down this path.


This goes back to 2015 so it’s been going on awhile.


I agree totally with both those points, and if I could replace both I would. Given that that’s not an option, I’d rather they both talk than yell.


I understand what you are saying and in most any other scenario I would agree. Since trump is a known moron and Putin is a strong dictator, which one is likely to get what they want?


@AgeofGrace, what do you make of this Trump/Putin business?




Why don’t you kick your shoes off and have a glass of red wine. It’s appropriate for this occasion. As a matter of fact, pour yourself a double. You seem a little nervous.


Are you hungry, Reg? I am!

I hope you don’t mind, I took the pleasure of ordering for us. I’m having Shrimp Ceviche! For you, roasted chicken!


What’s wrong, Reg? Don’t you like the meat?


Am I moving to fast for you? I will slow down. We are not in a hurry. I have been given all the time I need.


It’s only fitting that we get acquainted. Do you agree?


Your silence is deafening and yet your words fall on deaf ears.

But I am not surprised at all. LOLOLOLOL


Good night, Reg! Say your prayers. You’re going to need a blessing.


I was actually just out for a walk. Good night, Michele.


Keep walking or run. You are not going to go any faster than me nor will you beat me for I have already won this game. In Jesus Name!

Get your clothes on and go get some coffee!! I sense you didn’t sleep well last night.

It’s much more difficult for an empty heart to deal with the truth because they have nothing in them that drives them to love with their heart.

God made you that way so that His Word could be fulfilled that men will travail like a woman in childbirth.

Is it already happening? I sense it is. Mostly because Jesus already told me. Hehe.

It feels very good to be one step of you. How does it feel to have your back against the wall oh great superior one?

Don’t get comfortable against the wall. You are about to be struck with an iron fist and thrown down! And I suggest you stay put until your master goes to sleep.


I feel like Michele has been hacked.


Hello Dan! I feel like you are hungry. But I’m not surprised because you are an American and not by accident. Or do you not know there is no Hebrew word for coincidence.

You should be rejoicing but punishment comes to all who reject the love of God.

Be careful what you say to me or I’m going to rip your heart out through your eyeballs.


I Googled. There is no single word, but there is the common two-word combination יָד הַמִקרֶה which means the same thing.יָד%20הַמִקרֶה

You’re sounding like Mark.