Help me understand. You have zero tolerance for Latin women but the men are ok? I mean hey, whatever gets you through the night.


It was 113F in Quebec this past week. So far, 33 people died. I wonder if Trump still thinks global warming is “bullshit.” He did try to get funding years ago to build a sea wall at one of his courses, citing global warming as the reason for needing it, so there is definitely an inconsistency there.

I think it is more he doesn’t care about earth after he dies, then being so stupid that he is the only leader of a non third world country that doesn’t believe global warming is real.


That’s interesting. I disagree. I think he really is that stupid.


It’s better if he’s stupid. I think it’s easier to change someone’s mind that is stupid compared to heartless. Although it won’t matter what the reason is for his ridiculous stance.


Hope for the US does not lie in getting Trump to change his mind. He does that 20 times a day. His opinions are totally fluid and he does not know how to distinguish them from facts. It is the stream-of-consciousness presidency.

No, hope for the US lies only in change. You need a new president. Prompt impeachment would be ideal but defeat in the upcoming election would be fine, too.


So all the talking heads are on about the SCOTUS pick tonight. The reality show reveal. Not a word today about the kids separated from their parents. I have to admit his distractions and drama are pretty effective.


It doesn’t speak well about the people that they are so easily distracted. I’m not isolating Americans here. I believe Canadians and Europeans would be just as susceptible to this kind of freak show.


It’s getting uglier.



Still less dangerous than “hanging around” in Mexico itself…


Lay low in London Americans.


Lots going on in Europe. Tour de France, Wimbledon, world cup. And now a balloon.


I don’t agree with the US Embassy’s warning to Americans. I think everyone gets there’s a huge difference between Americans and Trump. Sure, 40% like him but 40% hate him and 20% go either way. I don’t see any significant risk to Americans visiting London unless they’re wearing MAGA hats and being obnoxious in which case they should certainly stay home.


Does KRAV stand for anything?


KRAV - Kick Russians At Vagina


Paul Manafort mugshot from Alexandria VA jail.

Doesn’t look quite as dapper now.


I listened to Rachel Maddow briefly last night. Seems he was transferred against his will to another prison and he doesn’t like it there. I dislike him so I don’t care. If he flips on Trump I’ll start liking him.


Yes. He had asked to be transferred to the current prison because "he could have better contact with his lawyers. However, the prison he was in provided him “VIP” treatment with a larger cell with adjoining workspace, his own private shower and bathroom and he was allowed to wear his own clothes. He quickly changed his mind when he realized where he would be going and tried to retract his request. It was denied. Now he is in a shitty jail in jailhouse clothes like he should be.


The blimp flew! And that crowd looks bigger than Trumps inauguration.


It’s the best balloon ever! No one has ever had a better balloon. Everyone says so.