Don’t you ever compare me to another man, you dog! I am not like you and yet I know your deepest darkest secret. Chew on it, Dog. You need to know what’s coming before it gets here.


Even now this place still gets so weird at times.


If you think this is weird, thinkabout what’s coming. I encourage you and even plea with you to consider it.


That’s part of the charm.


Hello, Will! I’ve been waiting for you. And you are so right. For you know what is coming don’t you and yet you don’t. lol


I think Michele got a lobotomy during her hiatus.


You need one!


Well, over the years, BBAD has always had its share of “different” people. Maybe it’s the ghost of an asshelmet. Kinda has the same tone.


Be proud Reg! Proud.


You’re no one to give advice!


This is a truth. Acknowledge it!!


Trump is looking to tax all Chinese imports, which will raise the price of just about everything in the US. This is great for the rest of the world but I wouldn’t be happy if I was an American. The Chinese will look for new markets, as will everyone else. Trump appears to be determined to make America irrelevant again.




I told you why that was happening. Why do you continue to lie to yourself?


Actually you told me first


You keep fighting me tho


I like to see you struggle beneath me


Makes me feel power


Like a man


Do you wish you were a man?