Good point. Give Trump some time and he might just outdo W.



I totally agree. Not close yet.


Good question!
I’d say atheist. For sure.
Thing is, there is not such thing as “the jew”. I learned that. So many sects in judaism. Torah observing jews are definitvely not bad people.
However what’s worse than atheist are those pseudo-jews who openly brag about not believing in god and putting out their communist filth instead, while they still being played “the jew” card by liberal media whenever it suits them (when it doesn’t suit well, it is conveniently neglected of course) even though their heritage is kind of suspicious. Like Marx, like Soros, like Lerner-Spectre, … those are the worst without a doubt.


omg I love Will’s post about the blimp. Looking forward to Trump being disrespected in the UK.

Also this.

Followed by this.


Pruitt just resigned. God alone knows how he lasted so long.


I just liked that twit. Has now 82k likes and counting. Writing books always is good thing (except for commie books of course). This man is making history, so he should write about his way to power.


Daniel, no disrespect but you don’t get the joke because English is not your first language. In boasting about his ability to write and declaring that he doesn’t make mistakes, Trump made a childish mistake. He used the word “pour” where he should have used the word “pore”. It wasn’t a typo. The letters are not close on the keyboard. He was obviously just too stupid to know the difference.


Or maybe not. Trump is a V.I.P.
I doubt he twitters himself.
Ever heard of google Docs?
You can do things like that without typing att all on the fly hurrying from one meeting to another top VIP meeting. Cannot afford being late, complicated business.

And even if he made a mistake, so what.
He does commit so few mistakes in his presidency that they literaly have to look for a wrong letter in a word to find any.


According to his biographer, Trump didn’t write any of his books. I wonder if Obama did. It won’t really matter, since Obama won’t tell everyone how great of a writer he is.


Daniel, I’m pretty sure he’s stupid.


He is a good business man though, isn’t he? He runs America just like a business.


Daniel, if Trump had simply invested the money he inherited into the S&P 500, he would be worth more than double what he is worth right now. He is a HORRIBLE businessman who inherited a lot of money and lied and cheated his way to modest (for his starting point) success.


He is not about the money, but about his people. His “employees”. I hope I am not dreaming again. He does it for his nation and he is pretty nationalist.


Trump’s employees and suppliers hate him.


You ARE dreaming. He cares about no one but himself. He does nothing for “his nation”. How can you possibly swallow his bullshit? You think he gives a shit about you? Hahaha!



Why the hack do FEDs make the American tax payer pay for those researches and reunions of non-citizens? Hasn’t king Donaldus promised to bring some order to the border? Why aren’t they deported to the place their assumingly illegally entered parents had been deported to? FEDs need to use this thing called “IT-information technology” to store files and fingerprints, so children can be dealt with accordingly. Has the technological advancement of computer files completely passed by without them taking note?

Believe me, if I was in charge of any border, this thing would be in STRICTEST order.
Edit: I do only see latinos in the image of the news article. I like to add that I got a zero tolerance policy when it comes to latinas.


I am not an American, so it is totally OK to me that he doesn’t care about me.
He should care about Americans exclusively hence the term: America First


If you were in charge of the US border, would you deport your Latino children if they tried to enter?